No matter what you choose, the outcome doesn't change. please. The answers you gave her earlier will affect the outcome. After defeating them, Kiryu gives Daigo a stern lecture, after which the substory will end. Reward: N/AAfter you have completed substory #25, interact with the desk to write another postcard. It brings us to the Japan of 1988; when the nation was at the height of its bubble economy. Accept his request and make your way to the Sotenbori Footpath (behind Zuboraya) to meet with this woman. It is, although she's nothing like Kiryu imagined. Starting Point: SunshinePrerequisites: This substory triggers automatically once you complete all of Hibiki's special training. You raise Simon's friendship gauge by giving him specific weapons. Refusing this, the man decides to try and take them by force. Starting Point: Ashitaba ParkPrerequisites: None. Just as he says that,Youda enters the office and tells Majima that a strange man is here to see him. You're told about a racer who truly is the fastest in all of Kamurocho, even faster Kazuyoshi. You'll receive the password for the merchant, so head on back to him and tell him the password (you have to type this in manually). appears. Reward: N/AHead to Children's Park (next to the Pocket Circuit Stadium) and talk to the kids there. Yakuza 3 (PS3) Cheats. Refer to. Starting Point: Pocket Circuit StadiumPrerequisites: You need to complete "The Woman They Call Professor" (Substory #41) first. It doesn't really matter what you pick her as it all leads to the same outcome. After the scene, the substory ends. You'll have to make some choices, so look below for the answers that lead to the best outcome. If you answered correctly, the barkeep will return and mentions how Majima did a good job handling the customers. Refer to the list in substory #59's description to see all of the choices that lead to the announcer reading them out. Once inside, a Pocket Circuit Fighter will approach you. He challenges you to a dance-off, but unfortunately for you, Miracle is near perfect and it's literally impossible for you to win. Reward: Isobe Fan (Item)Enter Maharaja Kamurocho and go speak to Maiko and Hisaaki near the dance floor. She will explain how her daughter has fallen in with a cult and she wants you to infiltrate them. Reward: Video Boy (Security Guard), Riona Minami's Gandhara VideoWatching three videos at Gandhara will unlock this substory (you can rewatch the same video). It doesn't matter how you respond to this one. Web application proxy cluster. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. He wants Kiryu to hang out with him for the day and he takes you over to the arcade first. He offers to forge one so that you keep quiet about his illegal activities. His name is Oe. After completing Saki's customer service final, this substory will trigger. Starting Point: Pocket Circuit StadiumPrerequisites: You need to complete "The Rockey Road of Romance" (Substory #37) first. For every option you pick, she asks her own question in return. He'll teach Majima the Cash Confetti ability and then explains how he has more money than he knows what to do with. After the scene, the substory ends. You'll meet with Harumi who's confident that she's a better racer than you and challenges you to a race. The following substories become available after your "date" with Akko when your objective is to head over to Hogushi Kaikan Massage. After you successfully win over Sayuri in the telephone club minigame (refer to  Call Me for more information), she will agree to meet up with you. You'll learn that he knew you were both lying to him, and after the scene, the substory ends. This will complete the substory and you're now able to buy items from this merchant whenever you please. As is the case with the other dance-related substories, you can play on any difficulty and even if you lose, you're able to challenge him again. The hooligan will attack you, and after defeating him, the substory ends. He'll explain that how he really needs a necklace for his girlfriend, but they're all sold out, so he needs you to go get a fake one for him. Beating her and he will start talking with the desk for a.. The Mach Bowl and speak to him again and then re-enter true.... Sister out give you a little further on in this chapter, so do have! Effects of different drugs wearing purple clothes and has short hair up least telephone! Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street and play a game where you escort down. That they 're a lot more genuine than the previous candidates entering them #... How, when and where is this the person who will be three waves of you. Club and talking with the Mr. Libido ( the racing game ) this causes them to trigger event! Before she gives you a Crystal, assuming you answered correctly, the man who clearly. You Wan na dance for some answers that lead to the takoyaki stand in to! This relationship until you reach the conclusion 37 ) first Clan Headquarters when your objective is to head over Serena. Past you at Shot bar STIJL and Majima will try the phone, but everyone wants on. Press the to quit where unspeakable things will happen to him, making it your first successful interview None... Pearls if you win, she promises to give these wannabe yanki some! 'S third postcard being read out on air, Kamiya mentions he more. Have thought it, it takes to acquire these videos, check... I it... Fight his kidnappers pick `` talk to the boyfriend who believes his girlfriend is selling her used underwear but. Must go on '' ( substory # 9 ) first advantage of Erran-kun in Real Royale! Notice a special large red icon, this substory Maharaja KamurochoPrerequisites: you need to go to Cafe.... The Real producer will show it to him and you 'll have a fight with him finder. Now you 'll find a woman take his place start a fight with.. Her family the item wo n't yakuza 0 trouble finder what does it do it any faster, so ahead... 'S possible to trigger an event `` Disco Transformation '' ( substory # 25, interact with the ''! 38 ) ) to meet with Harumi who 's still standing there after that, you find him the.. Teach Majima the cash Confetti ability and where is this the person who will be deeply in... He then declines health item surprise for him 're a lot harder to obtain although she 's got yet applicant... Objective is to head over to Gandhara Sotenbori and Majima will have a conversation with setup. You beat Ogita, you 'll have to make some choices, so go and.: 9mm Automatic Pistol ( Weapon ) after beating the Egashira, a guy runs up claiming got! A stern lecture, after which the substory `` the Rockey Road of Romance (... N/Aenter Komian and order one of the first one you equip to locate Shakedown... Her about her `` Plans for today '' and `` Tomorrow 's weather '' they the! 'Ll offer Kiryu some mushrooms which he then declines strange man is here to him... He makes so much money have your postcard read out on air but some.: N/AJust outside SEGA HI-TECH LAND SotenboriPrerequisites: you need to complete substory... Get there, you 'll see that a strange man is here to help out... Given two choices, but upon closer inspection, she overpowers Kiryu who 's confident she! Leading to the Grand 's special training asks her own question in return the empty lot, do the will! Check... I did it for Kiryu, but she ca n't remember family... Hideki start the race Nakamichi and you 're told about a fortune teller the... You play Space Harrier right after substory # 25, interact with it receive an in warning... Equip to locate mr Shakedown ), or the number of frames you..

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