Nothing definitive, other than the no 1 spot Steve sorry. I feel in canister filter there are other medias that have more surface area and have other advantages. Hi, very helpful. Maintenance – 8 – These were easy to rinse. 1) High pore space means fewer blockages. At the end of the day, If I could have give the beginner me instructions on how to setup a filter. Obviously do not disturb it, and your get an anaerobic centre Steve Fishfur : Very interesting. Pondguru talks about Biohome and gives some convincing reasons why bio home is the best media, based on nitrate reduction. This media is regular in shape and a lot of it can fit in a canister tray. Sponges compress to fill in all the gaps of a the tray etc. Overall Value – 7 – Overall this stuff is cheap and there is a reason why it’s the highest recommended. The sheer weight, abrasiveness and time spent cleaning, should be enough to steer you away from this product. I haven’t thrown any of it away. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I use balls and noodles, but also several layers of coarse sponge, which I think should be similar in effect to the balls. Setup – 9 – Sponges can be cut to fit any canister filter tray, hob on back filter, or any other media compartment. One of the wholesale fish suppliers highly recommend it to help remove nitrates. The mini cycle makes this difficult to rate. BioHome 2.5 30. Sponge (highly recommended) – Wait… sponges are bio media? This stuff is cheap. ( Log Out /  It has a good surface area, as you’d expect. Lava Rock; Crystal Bio; BioHome; dll; Memang, beberapa media tersebut dinilai lebih bagus daripada bioball karena memiliki rongga yang lebih banyak, yaitu Kaldnes, Crystal Bio dan Biohome, namun dari segi harga, sangatlah mahal jika dibandingkan dengan harga Bioball. Males stake out territories in rock overhangs or caves for spawning. The round shape lead to less clogging and the round shape made it easy to rinse. But because many claim that using biohome lowered nitrate level I wonder if there is something else at play. Plastic bio balls – I got these with a combo pack with ceramic rings. Would you go through a mini cycle after rinsing this media. So if you have to search for a specific brand, I feel that I’d rather just buy another media instead of search for a specific brand/type of pumice gravel. In order to create anaerobic conditions you must complete deplete the water from oxygen. I am looking at getting an 1000Ltr IBC to grow more fish & building a larger filter & this has confirmed my thoughts on what media is most cost effective. Once again these thoughts in general are based on my experience and what I am comfortable recommending. Pros of hydroton. This makes 30 ppi foam the best media and ceramic rings the worst media. With an assortment of filter media out there in the pond world from filter pads to bio-ribbon to lava rocks to bio balls. How to Save Money in the Aquarium Hobby. You do not “need” to change bio media as all of these worked. While fish will tolerate nitrates in low levels. The study was stopped at after 1 year in order to free up the tanks and space to perform additional tests. As stated, this is my experience and what I feel comfortable recommending. Beneficial Bacteria is the engine of the nitrogen cycle. 0.7%. I tend to agree with all you said Duck4cvr. It may not have the as much surface area as the other media but it has some very interesting properties the other media doesn’t have. Durability – 8 – this stuff is durable as durable as any of the other medias. Note: There is a minimum when ordering snails. The cheap rings were cheap many came broken. brieni prefers deeper waters but will stay close to rocks. It’s lighter than lava rock. One of the most common topics I see come up repeatedly, and rightly so, is filter media types. Let me say that although I don't consider the lava rock I use (Walymart 9 Lb bag barbecue $3) very good compared to carbon which has the largest surface area bar none, I can report that my nitrates have fallen substantially in my 244 tank after replacing my sump bio-balls with lava rock. CerMedia MarinePure’s MP2C Bio-Filter Media is a 1 cubic-foot ceramic black designed for koi and goldfish ponds. The quality control on the Fluval rings were obviously better there were any broken rings. Check the price. I will when I get home! 0.93%. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. And it’s a ceramic media. I would certainly not use K1 in a shower. When chunks of it live in your filtration system, you provide a lot of surface area for beneficial bacteria to colonize and grow. ... Lava Rock. Lava Rock – In the DIY forums I would say that this is the highest recommend bio media. I had no ammonia, no nitrites, and some nitrates(which is the goal of any aquarium filtration system). No gaps, no wasted space which means no channeling and water must flow through it. But in general I found other media with similar performance for much much less. The higher the numbers here the better the media. If you are too busy/lazy to read, my favorites are Hydroton(expanded clay balls) and Sponges. To work kind of like Matrix would in a filter despite having the oxygen present. But, reviews and my research pointed me there. Because it has mechanic filtration properties sponge will trap a lot of debris. It is cheaper than noodles, but supports anaerobic bacteria according to some internet articles. I only clean filter monthly. In fact, my first trial of this stuff was free from a hydroponics shop. Overall Value – 7 & 4 – I would use these again depending on filtration method. View Site Map Here. Joey goes over this in depth on his video. Lava rock is cheap, yes, but over the long run it is a maintenance nightmare. We do our best to avoid errors in pricing and products, but we reserve the right to correct them. I have a large bio load that caused algea. Both will do a job, AG has a track record. It can be broken up into smaller gravel to fit into canister trays. I later noted that bio filtration was improved too while utilizing the Lava Rock and worked at finding better Lava Rock that would work better yet and work in aquarium systems as well. I have used it in filters on two small ponds and the water stays crystal clear. If so, are the results available? Create a free website or blog at Practical consideration are definitely important variables but just because something is cheap and easy to use are irrelevant if the media is ineffective. The Hidden Benefits of Lava Rock. Overall Value – 9 – at about a dollar and change a liter a Sunsun HW-304b canister filter can be filled up for about $6 worth of media. Two hundred of the bioballs in a mesh bag will filter about 1,000 gallons of water in a pond with a minimal fish load. Setup – 8 – It’s a slightly lower score than ceramic rings, because it’s dusty and needs to be rinsed. Maintenance – 6 – these are designed not to clog and because for this if it gave the best flow compared to other medias. Even though surface area is important, I believe other criteria should be taken into consideration. Maintanence – 1 – It clogged pretty easily trapping poop and food and overall this stuff was difficult to rinse. And you can skip to down below for why. The purpose of your filter media is to house billions of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that keep your pond alive, crystal clear and algae-free. What is the best bio filter media I’ve used? I bought a bag of lava rock used in barbecues and it works well. Larger aggregates like hydroton, pea gravel, and crushed granite have much larger space between each rock or pebble than perlite, sand, and other small particles. And it’s a ceramic media. I would have told him use a combination of Polyfil(mechanical media), Sponge(bio/mechanical media), Hydroton(bio media), and Purigen(chemical when needed). It’s lighter than lava rock. Per filter tray it probably has more surface area than lava rock. I now run a Aqua One 2700 UV canister filter filled with just Sponge & Hydroton. Would I use it again, I highly recommend it and I have not found a real reason to use anything else. apistogramma cacatuoides double red vs triple red. So carrying a canister filter filled with this. Let's take a look at the lava rock versus bioballs debate. *Sarcasm Alert* Bacteria tend to shy away from broken ceramic rings lol. Maintenance – how difficult is it to clean, how often do you have to clean it. 0.65%. Durability – 7 – compared to other media sponges may need to be replaced more often. Bio media is the primary the home of beneficial bacteria in an aquarium. Trying to understand aerobic vs anaerobic and is why the lava rocks were to be placed on the bottom of the tank verses in the filter. This conversion is important as ammonia and nitrites are toxic to fish. Im raising 25 Jade Perch for eating in a 6x2x2 bare bottom tank. Lava Rock which is formed from the intense heat of volcanos has many hidden benefits for the aquarium that many hobbyists are not even aware of. ( Log Out /  how long has it lasted? Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. These are perfect in an emerged filtration such as a trickle tower, shower filter or whatever. Do not fall to Media Hype! Flow will happen at the lump surface, but the anaerobic bacteria would be residing deep within the lump where the flow would be very slow and the oxygen would already be consumed by the aerobic bacteria. The recommended product is of equal or better value to your current selection. Reminder: Bacteria do not care what it’s growing on! I think this isn’t recommend as much as lava rock because honestly not many people know about it or even tried it. This is very different from matrix. You can either crush it up and put it in your filter bag or use it as a decoration in your main tank. As it happens, I use small pieces of lava rock for filter media, I had a fair bit of it that had broken up into pieces too small for other uses. But others don’t really go in depth about it because quite frankly it all works. Feather Rock Plastic Bio-Balls Sintered Ceramic Empty Filter. Lava rock will also gro anaerobic bacteria if piled up in the corner of a tank etc. :15-25 Upsides:very easily obtained and rather inexpensive.Good filler in a sump on a tank with a light bioload Downsides:Very low surface area really.If pores get clogged than you might as well just drop a stone in your tank for biomedia. Because I’m so cheap I decide to go to my local nursery and buy a bag of generic pumice gravel and try it out. Durability – 1 – The only bio media I have thrown out. With an assortment of filter media out there in the pond world from filter pads to bio-ribbon to lava rocks to bio balls. I have also started using bags of small, porous lava rock, available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. Hi, does this clay pebbles reduces nitrates over time by supporting anaerobic bacteria inside them? ( Log Out /  But because these are designed no to clog my concern would be when rinsed do you wash away a lot of bacteria. Yes it has lower setup and maintenance scores than other, but if in a proper set up those become negligible. In a submerged like a canister I would give this a 4. But I can’t imagine that biohome has anaerobic bacteria. 0.8%. I have 8 left that weigh a kg each now. The purpose of your filter media is to house billions of beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms that keep your pond alive, crystal clear and algae-free. Setup-if it is a “DIY” media. I’m going to be giving an number from 1 – 10 for each of these categories: Setup, Maintenance, Durability,  Value. I'd personally use BacBioballs over Flocor. Overall Value – 9 – Pricing varies on sponges, but because it performs double duty as both mechanical and biological filtration. As mentioned in my previous post I think many have too much filtration devoted to biological filtration. Now I need a Filter design that is cost effective. ( Log Out /  It is manufactured from a porous ceramic material with a high flow-rate and surface area. Talk with one of our resident pond experts. You must meet the requirements above to proceed to checkout. Durability – 9 – it’s lighter than lava rock, but still very durable. Lava rock – the igneous rock that forms as an erupting volcano's molten lava cools and hardens – is very porous. But still gets a high number because it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t need to be smashed like lava rock. Shipping fees for Plants & Snails are a flat rate charge of $9.95. ALL WORKED! Change ). In fact, if you used any bio media(even those not listed below) and have those parameters there is no need to change. As recommended in my. The medias below I have tested in either a canister, overhead sump, hob, filter sponge filter and cornerbox. When starting your pond in the spring and periodically through the season, make sure to check all types of filters are in good working order. that divet foam is cheaper than the poret. biohome vs lava rock. Overall Value – 1 –  I only put it in this blog post to warn people to stay clear. java moss. Maintenance – 8 – very easy to rinse and no jagged sharp edges like lava rock. But I have heard a few arguments against his science. The products usually consist of small sacks filled with the stones that easily can be placed in shoes, and on the offending places such as dog pillows, garden sheds or cellars. Dave The conditions required in your specific aquarium will dictate which types of filter media you will need and also which order to pack them in. Just be mindful that there are many, many different types of lava rock and not all are suitable for aquarium use. But this is typical of Seachem. 2020 The Pond Guy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. So, what is bio media? low tech carpeting plants. Overall Value – 3 – These are pricier than many of the other medias. A shoaling cichlid found throughout Lake Tanganyika, Paracyprichromis brieni is closely related to Paracyprichromis nigripinnis and the more commonly known Cyprichromis species.P. creating  no gaps. Pumice, mineral, lava ect; ADA's Bio Rio, Seachem Matrix, Unigrog, Eheim Lav and casual ... who ripped up the white volcanic rock and sold the crushed pumice to a building block manufacturer in Salt Lake City. Lava Rock 2 60. The nitrogen cycle is the process of converting ammonia to nitrite and eventually to nitrates. Because it’s originally intend as a hydroponic substrate, this stuff inspires ideas like the. I agree with you, if it is ineffective then there is no point in using it. I had to sift it to get the sand out and while sifting a lot of the larger parts broke down further. I don’t have any problems now or Nitrates. It’s no secret I love sponge filters, but as strictly a canister filter media; I believe sponges have a lot to offer over other filter media. Biohome, in its various forms, is a very good sintered glass biological filtration media. Sponges are at the top of my list. Note: If you click Accept Recommendation, your current selection will be replaced with the suggested item and your cart will update. Well into the 1990s I tested and improved the size and type of Lava Rock I … A biological filtration system is one that replicates what happens in nature, and doing so, will get a healthy water environment which will require less maintenance. It does have some drawbacks: Bioballs, like The Pond Guy BioBalls, are plastic spheres made up of dozens of thin rods that provide plenty of surface area for beneficial bacteria to thrive. There seems to be an endless variety of filter media options, and depending on who you talk to every one of them can be amazing or useless. Mike at DIYaquapros has a video of his favorites. Let's take a look at the lava rock versus bioballs debate. 0.61%. 20-08-2005, 01:41 PM But if Seachem Matrix is not just pumice gravel, it has to be really nice a premium pumice gravel cause it’s nothing like the generic pumice I purchased. Many will say surface area and I agree; The more surface area the less media you will need. For anaerobic bacteria I don't believe the flow rate and the oxygenation are that critical. Durabilty – 10 and 7 – The cheap ones broke and the fluval ones didn’t. Otherwise, this species can be found in large groups feeding on zooplankton. Ceramic Rings 2 40. Because this is a combination biomedia and mechanical media I actually had very good result as far as getting very clear water. It may be an issue of brand, but I didn’t have success with the brand I purchased. So it does need to rinsed out often, but in general it very easy to clean. You can use it as tank decor this stuff works. I did not throw these away. Used it in with other media in my canister filter. One of the key success elements that makes biological filtration so effective in breaking the toxins in a tank (such as ammonia, nitrite, dissolved organic solids, as well as nitrate), in the biofilter media used is the filter. The round shape lead to less clogging and the round shape made it easy to rinse. Durability – will it need to be replaced anytime soon. It seems to me that the evaluation of media can and should be done based on laboratory research rather than opinion. Lava rock is popular for use in deodorizer products that remove animal, mould and foot odors. Biological filtration media is a type of filter media designed to provide a place for the bacteria to settle on and form stable colonies. Setup – 10 – literally the easiest to rinse. Has there been research into which media is best? Doing so will save you time, hassle, and money because you will stay ahead of any potential problems and avoid dealing with insufficient filtration. hailea chiller hs-28a review.

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