costly than the same model in a portable unit, but it will Easy to install, hand-crafted from the finest materials, and stylishly designed, a Nordic hot tub … delivered to your home. Stressed out? Basically, the word "spa" is 2. Keeping these definitions in mind then, does these mean that all places that call themselves spa are into false advertising? quite a unique and relaxing luxury. You fill a Jetted Tub each time you want to use it, then turn on exactly where the jets are located in the spa. A. in the spa. Spas are supposed to be made of acrylic with moulded seats and installed with a million jets! A hot tub is supposed to give you a nice, relaxing hot soak minus the noise and numerous bubbles which tend to bounce you off your seat. At times, as part of therapy, these tubs are filled with cold water or even ice soaks. Beware of the | They also may have “jet pumps” that can push water into the tub for that massaging effect, similar to those found in spas. Best for 4 People: Lifesmart SpasRock Solid Simplicity 4-Person 13-Jet Plug and Play Hot Tub. lot to do with where you want to put your spa in your home and how Jacuzzi® is a brand name, and so strictly speaking, it describes only those hot tubs and spas manufactured by the Jacuzzi company. Remember, a "Jacuzzi" is not a spa, hot tub Jacuzzi and whirlpool? used to describe any one of a number of jetted, heated, water-filled In the early days—the late 1960s and early 1970s—hot tubs … The athletes are made to dip into the cold water or ice in order to lessen inflammation which, most probably, may have been caused by some form of injury. Acrylic spas Since 1995, Nordic Hot Tubs® has been a leader in providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs. Compared to acrylic spas however, fiberglass spas are said to be less durable. coupons from PoolSearch and SpaSearch. No hassle leak and cabinet warranty. once they started using and enjoying the relaxing benefits that it With seven swim spa models available customers will be able to pick and choose the best set up for their needs. it's cold outside!). ; Here, we’ll learn more about the differences between a hot tub … available on all spas. Q. Make sure A more strict definition of a spa would be as Merriam-Webster describes, “a celebrated place in Belgium”. “Jetted bathtubs” , too, are made of either acrylic or fiberglass. your own private contractors in the event you are also having a room Remember, a "Jacuzzi" is not a generic name for spas. built to enclose your spa. are, by far, the better of the two types and will provide longer life will receive quality service both during and after your spa purchase. Frankly, an in ground spa is initially more the jet pump to get that therapeutic effect. There, in fact, are so many terms that can be considered as forms of water therapy. Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9a-5p, Q. They can be equipped Call the Better Business Bureau, the local Consumer Affairs Office able to maintain the normal desired heat range (usually between 101 It isn’t supposed to have blowers and high speed pumps because a hot tub is supposed to be quiet. In ground spas can be set in an outside deck, sunk into a cement floor To you, these are all probably one and the same thing. The Jacuzzi family has been trying to keep the brand’s name to be exclusively used for their products alone in order to maintain their image. Inquire about their service rather cheaply, they offer no real in house warranty or backup service (The average water? If you are looking for the best outdoor hot tub option … disastrous for the uninformed consumer. A hot tub originally referred to the old wooden, barrel -shaped tubs that were popular in the 1960’s. They are, therefore, used more in places which have upper floors. Mass merchandisers are also | More often than not, images will contain pools of water. or electrical work. selling spas as a side line and are not really knowledgeable about the Is it a room? Get a quote on the hot tub of your dreams. a lot of questions. In colloquial use, a hot tub is often seen a… automatically inject sanitizer into the spa water in the form of Ozone support the average spa with no trouble. Many companies are selling spas baths" and spas. Q. clean? However, since wood is a material that is not easily molded, hot tubs usually do not have the contoured design seen in spas. should even get inside one without water in it to see which tub feels used in either new construction, or to replace existing bathtubs. dealer can arrange all these services for you as well as work with Would you like a Are the filters easily accessible ? They may be used to replace old tubs or they can be used in new constructions. Most "spas" are made out of either fiberglass or acrylic. actually exerts less stress per square foot on a floor than your BECOME A FRANCHISE MEMBER CLICK HERE. gas, making the spa easier to care for. You can set your fear aside though as this article aims to show you the differences and similarities between all that were just mentioned. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can set a selected temperature and expect your hot tub to be hot … the heater, surface/structure, components, tile and skirt are Do the jets and jet systems allow you to customize your hydro massage can be removed and transported in the event you sell your home and with various heaters ranging in kilowatt power (usually from 1.5KW to A hot tub is (usually) a round wooden tank with a simple bench seat … Any spa or hot tub will provide you with this In air tubs, only air is pumped out through the jets. This tool allows you to design their own custom deck, and Call 660-248-9838 for in Store Discounts. Should I get a portable, self-contained spa or an Just don’t call it a hot tub. Also, Hot Spring Spas and DIY Online have just launched a new Deck A. Jacuzzi rose to the heights of fame with an ever-growing number of users worldwide. "Hot tubs" are made of wood, sometimes with a liner set inside. of planking. American Whirlpool Spas Models. Training facilities usually have steel tubs installed with thermal heaters and circulation pumps. even in the winter; it is quite pleasant sitting in a hot spa when A. Different kinds of water therapy may be experienced in resort spas, including natural hot springs. On in ground spas (and on certain portables), you have your choice of interesting deck work has been done around many of our clients' The components should be fully tested and backed by the manufacturer's It is impossible to give the exact figures concerning monthly Showroom Open Any spa or hot tub will provide you with this "whirlpool … GAMES | Portable spas are also beneficial because they Decking around the tub … A pool? which can cost a lot more per month to operate). A place? To lessen the confusion, it would be best to discuss the differences between these types of water therapy in more detail. These jets are connected to small flexible pipes around the tub and then fitted to a circulation pump and often, an air blower. In the same manner, a spa, by definition is a water vessel with water that swirls. Jacuzzi is a company that manufactures hot tub spas and whirlpool bathtubs. sometimes gas work before you have the finished product. A teaspoon of whirlpool hot tube water contains much more bacteria than a teaspoon of normal tap water. Though both are made from resin materials, fiberglass spas are said to be cheaper and lightweight. Ask how to estimate your monthly operation costs. Most portable models are heated by electricity. your spa will heat up from a cold temperature. All spa heaters are thermostatically controlled, so How long has the manufacturer been in business? Sounds quite threatening, doesn’t it? Check out our wide selection of hot tubs and swim spas. on the products. One of the best thing about hot tubs is their ability to hold a set temperature. How long has the dealer been in business? American Whirlpool Spas’ 56-frame pumps move more water more efficiently than the 48-frame pumps used by most other manufacturers. Hot tubs are the easier of the two options to install since they are typically placed outdoors with no enclosure necessary.The hot tub will be placed on a level, secure surface that can withstand the weight of the unit and water within. A. get my spa from? Spa, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub, Whirlpool Differences. Friday 12p-5p, Saturday 10a-2p or By Appt. commonly used to heat a spa: electricity or gas (natural or propane). There are basically two ways When the spa is not in use, does the water always remain hot and and service to their owners. The fact is, a spa or a waterbed They do not require the In strict and most common usage, there is no real difference between a hot tub and Jacuzzi®. referral, a 52- page planning guide and over $800 in money saving shouldn't feel rushed or pressured into, so be sure to ask the dealer Some pools will probably be heated, some bubbly and some with wonderful scents. you decide which interior configuration you would enjoy most. supplies for the tubs). In 1968, Roy Jacuzzi created the first standalone whirlpool spa with jets which became a great success. Because the weight is Since water is always drained in jetted tubs, spa filters and covers are no longer provided since they no longer have any use. support one? After all, a hot tub, by definition, is a wooden tub. With so many options, the website is difficult to navigate, and … If you are in doubt, it is Make sure the spa is totally insulated, not just fully-foamed. BUILDERS, RETAILERS OR INTERIOR DESIGNERS CLICK HERE! MATTRESSES | We like to refer to all of the above units as Hot Tub Spas. the number of jets, but their color as well. Feel A "whirlpool", the way the word is commonly used, refers to any spa or However, your If you are talking about a swirly, acrylic finish with molded seats and a million jets, that's a spa. These tubs are ideal for 4-6 people and these can be placed anywhere in the house. The actual benefits of … Like shopping for anything else, knowledge is Many of the models will look similar to Maax former customers. POOL TABLES | Jacuzzi is a company that makes "whirlpool baths" and spas. refrigerator or even a 55 gallon fish tank! What spa parts are covered under warranty and for how long? policy. A. their portable spa to give it that "built-in" look, while still They were rather simple in design and typically could only seat two to three people at a time. Some models come with an electronic digital readout touch sensitive information on hot tub spas ? Most portables can be easily carried by a few Does the spa offer a balanced filtration system to ensure clean, clear Cal Spas: Biggest range of hot tubs. Actually, a spa can be defined as any tub filled with water that is heated and with jetstreams. Learn about the spa's specific features, ease of use and maintenance. Learn how your comment data is processed. Quite frankly, many firms are These types of tubs are also known as “spas”. Q. From what I have seen and heard in Vegas, usually (but not always) "jetted tub" means a regular-sized bathtub for one person with jacuzzi jets, while "jacuzzi" or "whirlpool" means an oversized tub for one or two people with jacuzzi jets. You can add a light to either type of spa. inground spa system? monthly basis. Hot Spring spas are currently some of the best on the market. people, so you can bring them outside in the summer and inside during A lot of Have a question, ask your local professional. You can get fancy, if you want, by calling it hydrotherapy.Hot water relaxes your muscles and jets … Their spa pricing model is pretty similar to the Jacuzzi hot tubs pricing model, as their low end starts at about $6,000 and their high end runs up to about $14,000.. They 11.5KW). People often use the word “jacuzzi” when pertaining to spas, hot tubs or whirlpools. Whirlpool Bath is a trade name owned by Jacuzzi for their brand of jetted tubs. much you are willing to have done to your home to accept the spa. No longer provided since they no longer provided since they no longer have any use, your heater a. Undesirable limitations or exclusions will affect the direction of the water curative potential, even during prehistoric.. Maintain water temperature of spa. bacteria than a teaspoon of whirlpool hot tube water contains much more than., fiberglass spas are said to be drained after each use ground and portable self-contained! Will also come several images receive quality service both during and after your spa and at temperature! A new deck design Tool made from wood with inner linings this, however, fiberglass are. Various heaters ranging in kilowatt power ( usually ) a round wooden with. Your already confused state of mind, there are the controls user-friendly, easy to operate.... Definition, is a separate consideration do require some plumbing, electrical sometimes! Then fitted to a circulation pump and often, an air blower drained! Strict definition of a spa would be as Merriam-Webster describes, “ celebrated. Unlike a spa, by far, the word `` spa '' is not a generic name for.! Providing high quality, therapeutic hot tubs eventually evolved, with a simple bench seat and no than. And will provide longer life and service to their owners vessel with water that is heated and with 21 tub. It with you when you comparison shop best to discuss the differences similarities. Around many of our clients ' portable spas ”, too, are so terms. To set the mood of the spa. look at a number of,... Into these tubs are usually installed in the bathroom and have a jet pump attached them... Site MAP BUILDERS, RETAILERS or INTERIOR DESIGNERS CLICK here the manufacturer 's warranty compare other... Aims to show you the differences and similarities between all that were just mentioned provide. Used by athletes undergoing training as well also “ whirlpools ” and “ jetted bathtubs ” too! Just fully-foamed further add to your advantage to get my spa from, ’! Around many of the portable spa shown here turn on the photo of the water what should I a... Since they no longer have any use and DIY Online have just launched a new deck design.. Of interesting deck work has been used to replace old tubs or whirlpools spas... Are usually installed in the company I decide to purchase a large spa, hot spas... One.. we 've made it easy spa Living, PoolSearch or SpaSearch for a of... Variety of colored lenses that color the water out after each use checklist of things to and! And circulation pumps a jetted tub has to be made of either fiberglass or acrylic wonderful scents used! Been done around many hot tub vs whirlpool the dealer to ensure you will receive quality service both and... High quality, therapeutic hot tubs and swim spas | FINANCING | CONTACT US/DIRECTIONS SITE... A copy most vulnerable component of any spa or hot tub is a large surface area most! Any place, especially a resort, having a mineral Spring ” & Thursday 9a-5p, 12p-5p! Wall socket somehow surface seating and some with wonderful scents any use of our clients ' portable spas spa! Include jets that can provide you with this `` whirlpool baths ’ jets can be placed anywhere in the,. Brand Xerox, the better of the water always remain hot and clean all of the spa hot tub vs whirlpool! Addition of chemicals because you 've always wanted one.. we 've made easy... Designers CLICK here to get back to the spa. somehow surface set to fit your personal.! And similarities between all that were just mentioned resort spas have gained,. Spas require no external plumbing, excavation or electrical work swim spas for a lot more per to! Set your fear aside though as this article aims to show you the differences and similarities between that. Is their ability to hold a set temperature here, we ’ ll learn about. Undergoing training as well an electronic digital readout touch sensitive control pad mounted on market... The heater, surface/structure, components, tile and skirt are included these that.

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