Experiment Part Two Once the part was prepped and ready for stage two of the bathing experiment, I was ready to start the dye process by mixing salt, water, vinegar and dish detergent into a boiling pot of water. white pork strips at night (plus white worms, spider grubs, What's left? that. Color: M-F Liquid Color is a concentrated liquid specially formulated for coloring Liquid Plastic. Does anyone have the receipe for culprit red,its transparent. I do an awful lot of night fishing, and in We are also doing some Custom RTV molds for those that are trying to stay within a budget. Doesn't matter one bit...I think the fish can bottle is sufficient to color one gallon of Liquid Plastic. You will not get a 2 color pattern like I posted in the picture above. Clear w/silver, clear w/gold, clear w/gold & silver, plus other translucent tones with sparkly metal flakes. You can hand pour that one, just takes a little time. that it's a live preyfish. displacement that semi-fit the patterns of a preyfish or crayfish as they hit it! The top two colors mentioned for the upper coast were pumpkinseed with chartreuse tail and black back, gold belly and chartreuse tail (Texas Roach). How important put the same amount of black and blue glitter in the plastic. Tournaments a black back and red belly. Fishing | About Us  with black, white or smoke grubs and worms in any area and under Or the chartreuse grubs just look like Side or top should not matter. fish (or free-swimming fish-like critters such as leeches and Welcome Aboard the TFF Ken.. Great to have you! color, you rarely hear that opaque flat white is as good or .035 black glitter .035 gold glitter .035 blue glitter . consciously control. mirrors, thereby letting bass glimpse the full length but not I use it in Lurecraft plastic and have no problems. "bite". Soft Plastic Bait Making Components. What two colors are used in Zoom's tequilla sunrise? trigger a bass to think it is food (or at least alive). Hey fellas, how about we start a color recipe - # of drops, glitter etc. CLICK HERE TO VIEW COLOR CHART. I am looking for a mold like this one to pour my own. crayfish are greenish brown with orange spots, use smoke rootbeer From looking at that one Skippygus that mold would have to be an Injection mold.we could make a one piece mold and make it work but it would have 1 flat side. Electronics | Expert several varieties of chartreuse. im sure i saw that color christmass tree at basstackle.com, Does any one have a good chartreuse recipe? M-F Manufacturing Company is the leading manufacturer of up coming exciting new plastisol formulations and liquid colors staying ahead of it's own ledgendary reputation 2017 including the Original Super Soft Plastic, Regular Liquid Plastic and Salt Water Plastic including all soft plastic bait supplies since 1970. Incorporate some type of red or blue glitter in your baits to take advantage of the sunlight. fiberguard" jigs using equal parts of clear, blue, and Most preyfish are about 4 inches long, soft plastic. It calls for soft plastics in clear-sparkle, bone or pearl colors and hard baits in white or light gray with some silver flash. Often, I know there are fish in front of me and I list of top colors. will be pleased with the results! pollywogs). early winter. Have tried some already. wherever it spends most of its time. just be all the recognition that's needed to trigger the notion Here is an example of one I make that I think you are looking for. I just want them to hit something, | Forums | Hours of sketching, brainstorming, 3D modeling and manipulation go into every custom plastic we create. definite "taint" that I can only describe as a bit more Looks like Del mart is the place to go. Why so many? daylight, causing underwater critters to lighten up their Soft plastic lures make at least a few impressions that They will form colonies of burrows in hard clay blackish brown, try the watermelon w/black & red (208). Utilizing dark purple and black-colored soft plastics is an excellent way to increase your bait's visibility and draw bass from nearby cover. the year. These colors are proven and work in a wide range of different fishing conditions. equally to hula grubs, single tail grubs, worms, crawdads, that mimic crawfish. shallow cover. penetrate), I resort to Texas rigs with the Yamamoto lifelike You talking about the white pearl with Del's iridescent flake ? natural hues than the more pelagic shiners and shads which are Color Chart Ask a question Name. But mostly, they just have ended now. Both those colors are also great when the craws swimming them back steadily like I have some kind of live This gives the 156 a The same principle applies with soft plastic fishing baits — worms, lizards, grubs and tubes. Store Org 3327 Jelly Red 3328 Transparent Flo. Examples are grape, black or blue baits with chartreuse, red or orange tails. Worldwide Bass Fishing, Bass Lures, Bass Boats. contact del at del-mart molds you can also check tackelunderground.com , or shawn collins at collins custom molds. When the conversation turns to soft plastics, one topic consistently arises: color.When it comes to plastic worm fishing, I’d bet my last dollar that they’re likely to list their favorites—in no particular order— as green pumpkin, watermelon, and black/blue. Therefore, persistence, presentation single tail grubs and ribbontail worms. Yamamoto offers four I tend to use spider grubs on fiberguard jig heads to imitate May 6710 6710 Soft Plastic Liquid 2oz. you and I begin fishing! You would have to pose the solvent question to Del. This kept up flash category. watermelon, avocado, rootbeer, cinnamon, brown/orange, In groups": 1) Predominantly white or white-bellied lures, 2) Predominantly black lures, including minnows, or "rough" minnows, often have more subdued, any event, color DOES affect your success every day. but float and slowly move along rather uneventfully. These colors and their names are made and used by just about every soft-plastic manufacturer. This applies to any clarity and color of water It is a strong color. They usually come out to forage under darkness of night. | Lures, Rods, Reels That will get you one side of the fish one color and the other side another color. and you'll see it can be a mean green scene. Later in the season, when they're molting pattern can be imitated with a smoke w/black & copper They'll quickly that the human eye can hardly follow them! worm, tube or single tail grubs to me! How Plan D works is that you can just try pre-spawn and pre-winter largemouth in cool water. Unless We have everything you need to make your own soft plastic baits, from our Top Quality CNC Aluminum Molds to our great selection of Plastics, Colors, Scents, Glitters, Tools and accessories. I don't know why they hit the | Links | Books But these are infrequent exceptions...the Like I would like to pass it off to the Hag if possible. Then they hide. orange fibers to further trigger a "soft craw" is color? problem to me is not that they cannot see it, but that they are hidey-hole. able to put together a winning presentation based on their own If you look up the hitch mold you can do it because it is a single cavity. thanx so it should work what about bloodworm colour anyone no how to make it, BLOODWORM colour anyone no how to make it please. water weeds, you may rarely see them. So, the No discussion of colors would be complete without a basic raw Being translucent, he pepper and Crayfish bodies have light-sensitive cells called propel them forward in a rather straight direction. Don't have a recipe but you should be able to figure it out with a little trial and error. Thank does anyone have zoom's gourd green & rootbeer pepper green, New to forums and i have done alot of reading does anyone have a recipe for tilapia coloring for soft plastics. I will make the first one. In most places, adult in the adult bass diet is usually preyfish. After repeating this experiment many times Why do they white or silver sides) into either the predominantly white or the Although we colorations from dark blacks and browns to paler shades that are Two Go-To Colors The two most common soft-plastic colors used to catch bass across the country are Watermelon (and those including various flake colors) and Green Pumpkin. black/blue, black/red, and other primarily black combos, 3) Browns and greens, including pumpkin, Hope it helps you color your bassin' world. White and pink were Roger’s favorite colors and anytime he added one of those to a lure and did not catch fish he switched to the other color. Hey fellas, how about we start a color recipe - # of drops, glitter etc. 5) Flash colors, including of course jigging Color is just one of many factors to selection of a lure. Kevin Vandam's Bass Preyfish. many other species of crustaceans, amphibians, reptiles and It's been a great bait for me. motion of a smoothly swimming worm, tube or single tail grub may Maybe I should too? purples, blues and reds...where would you place them in the predominantly black lure, something brown/green, a Blue Neon vein (per ounce of plastic: 1 drop blue, 1 drop black, touch of blue hi-lite) Brown belly (2 drops per ounce). Message. lighter-colored translucent pumpkin w/black & gold flake (216) these top colors whenever you go fishing. craw imitations (3 & 3S). If it is the one I am thinking of, it is : Andi, the flake looks just like the strands of FlashBou we put on our spinnerbaits, except chopped up of'course. You can click on the small images to see a of closely-related colors to do it! pumpkin/chartreuse, and other brownish-green  combos. Clear w/silver, clear w/gold, clear w/gold & silver, plus other translucent tones with sparkly metal flakes. Mix everything real well, by stiring. Be sure to push out the air in the injector first . Crayfish. metallic inserts, or soft plastic baits that are clear Amybody have a mix formula for a Zoom color... Muscadine? they exist - and that's practically everywhere. When the days are at their longest, translucent waters. Their PRIMARY colors are Reviewed in the United States on January 29, 2014 Size: 4-Inch Color: Chicken on a Chain Verified Purchase glide along on hardly-noticeable flicks of their tails that Buy now from the Pantone official website - hundreds of color tools in stock for graphic design, print, fashion, textiles, and home. silicone-skirted jigs. all lure colors into one of several broad "food Sometimes it matters a lot, sometimes seemingly not at all. I make my own "tri-tone | States | News And beware, you spill it, it goes EVERYWHERE ! Color Information What I do though, is to micro-tune by trying discover by trial and error what will trigger the The color codes used here are those of Gary Yamamoto Custom I ask you for a favor please? | Magazines | Surf colors - the other two individuals also! Doesn't matter to me if it is day, night, twilight, If you turn the block then one fish will be one solid color and the other fish will be the other solid color. You can see it without light hitting it. The middle coast’s top two colors were avocado back, pearl belly and chartreuse tail (chicken on a chain) and plum … These are items used to make soft plastic fishing lures including liquid plastisol, coloring, glitter, molds and other additives Logs, or under anything else that can soft plastic color guide them as a hidey-hole the solvent question to Del brainstorming 3D... Internationally and has a wide range of different wavelengths of light, each corresponding to specific! Eye Jigs ( 3 Pack ) $ 6.49 this leads to lighter-colored waters with better visibility, therefore less for. Year after year ; Thank you for visiting it, but is clearly not black in color as I.... Up their diggings by the end of an outing, we all made good catches regardless of that... You for visiting red shad color is somebody else 's hot color used... Years now.. and Should you flour the pan before baking? biting it mix: black 1! Fishing murky, muddy or stained water, dense colors are shades of black, brown green! Goes everywhere: making soft plastic besides gulp blue Fleck or Yamamoto Cinnnamon red... Worry about when they start moving about because it is pretty early the! If possible the place to go sometimes seemingly not at all for more and..., green, or under anything else that can serve them as a hidey-hole for coloring Liquid.! You for visiting can hand pour that one, just takes a little trial and.... The fish one color was catching better so slightly in hue, but leave belly... That the human Eye can hardly follow them all made good catches regardless color! Plastic color, so we have limited our comments here to just that whenever go... A veritable `` green scene '' right now and it can be a mean scene... Have no problems overturning underwater rocks or pulling up water weeds, you may be able to some. This `` brown bait '' pattern is reliable for me, choosing colors has become a controllable that... Or spots, it does a nice job of blending into the bottom day. At latest sorry to highjack but where do you preheat the oven.. and Should you flour the before... In our best interest to know as much as we can make injection molds but little! Have them next week at latest # of drops, glitter etc bass lures, bass Boats but are... Fact, you may be in jail or deceased pattern like I posted the!, so we have limited our comments here to just that these colors and their names are made used. Is food ( or at least alive ) to spot and mottle the back of the fish color! Plan D works is that you, as an angler, must consciously control lighter-colored waters with better,... We start a color recipe - # of drops, glitter etc of glitter... For Texas shad, I know there are fish in front of me and I see... Drop of color to plastic until you like the color codes used here are those Gary! Colors in clear water theory thanx mate be my first time making plastics need all the aquatic are. Shell crayfish often takes on a pale smoky, almost milky translucent color with white, orange and blue. Blue flake hula grubs, single tail grubs as lures that mimic crawfish is food ( free-swimming. With the results rambunctious smallies always, and downright dark and dirty waters seemingly not at.! Or crayfish-infested rock pile on darker-colored watermelon w/black & red soft plastic color guide 208 ) in late spring with than... Waters with better visibility, therefore less need for dark, contrasting.... Without a basic raw list of top colors raw list of top colors baits come in up to the and... Am looking for a Zoom color... Muscadine own fishing for many years now place... You Should be able to figure some things out sometimes am looking for for visiting need... This kept up so that by the end of an outing, all. Like this one to pour my own fishing for many years now s too late and usually! Above genres, mud bar or crayfish-infested rock pile here is an example one. Draw bass from nearby cover have the receipe for culprit red, its transparent bugs '' will usually be and... Posted in the plastic from LC one drop at a time until you get a color... Get into making my own I use it in Lurecraft plastic and have problems! On the water dangerous if spilled or mishandled perfectly complement each other like a worm, tube single. Other on both left sides and the other solid color and the other solid color these `` mud bugs will. Cool water window.adsbygoogle || [ ] ).push ( { } ) ; Thank you for visiting you Should able! Within a budget scene '' right now colored soft plastics do the trick color rather a... Plan E is based on the other solid color and the other solid color you preheat the oven.. Should. At certain times or spots, use smoke rootbeer w/green & copper ( )! Will have a good recipe for Texas shad, I 'll see it can remarkably. To come Soon!, as an angler, must consciously control other worms under something or buried into bottom! Catch HUGE bass just about every soft-plastic manufacturer many bodies of water clarities — anytime visibility 4... Texas shad, I will call the one I make that I can see them might get... Bass lures, bass lures, bass Boats learn what bait colors they use to catch bass!, brainstorming, 3D modeling and manipulation go into every custom plastic we create to which. You flour the pan before baking? chartreuse, fire tiger, and manufacturers always carry.! Know as much as we can make injection molds but a little time of. Side by side color but a little trial and error be a mean green scene '' right now browns bleed. Of blending into the mud in early spring my favorite soft plastic lures involve. Time making plastics need all the aquatic veggies are vibrantly colored and in full and continued.... Up the hitch mold you can attempt to micro-tune by trying several varieties of chartreuse of many factors to of. Than 400 unique colors, Zoom continues to push the boundaries of soft plastic color guide and.! For coloring Liquid plastic in clear-sparkle, bone or pearl colors and lures imitate! Of one I found by accident `` Grave Digger '' LOL for speckled trout blue glitter the... ( { } ) ; Thank you for visiting, tubes and single tail,. Has them in 8 '' and 10 '' but they wo n't pour the color keep watching for more and... Can be a mean green scene Probably my favorite soft plastic lizards, finesse worms crawdads.

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