This theory is a long-shot. Version Damage Ki The amount of Ki gained from hitting the opponent with this attack, measured as a percentage of one Ki Gauge. The original name of the attack, Kikōhō, translates to “Energy Control Cannon” and makes no reference to triangles like Tri-Beam does. Used as a last resort against Nappa. Up to four follow-up Tri-Beams can be performed. and fires many Tri-Beams at the opponent while repeating "ha!" After Android 21 follows the heroes to the Kaiō-shin planet, Tien uses the Neo Tri-Beam to aid in destroying her. Shop Tien Shinhan doing Tri-Beam in CS:GO dragon ball z t-shirts designed by Pokstor as well as other dragon ball z merchandise at TeePublic. Tien Shinhan performing the Tri-Beam in the movie Mystical Adventure. Tri-Beam (気功砲, Kikōhō; lit. "Energy Control Cannon") is a life-risking attack used by Tien Shinhan, taught by The Crane Hermit. Much like Tri-Beam, each blast will drain away Tien's remaining health, taking away 1000 the first and second blast, 1500 on the third, 2000 on the fourth, and 2500 on the fifth for a total of 8000 health (500, 500, 750, 1000, 1250 if Sparking Blast is in use for a total of 4000 damage). Spirit Tri-Beam: A one-handed attack version that uses the user's life energy as the source. Tien cannot die from self damage, and can use this even at 1 HP. As much as I love this, you should all be aware that the "tri-beam" doesn't exist. Dragonball Super: Miraculous Revival Single Card. History . Final Smash: Neo Tri-Beam. Kiai: The ability to project an invisible burst of force with ki, which Tien can perform with his hands and even with a shout, a technique powerful enough to distort and reflect ki-based attacks. Prorate Determines how the next attack's damage will be scaled. Tien puts his hands together by the tips of his fingers and thumbs, and zooms in on the target through the triangle in between his hands. Tien fires a triangular beam of energy through his diamond shaped hands. Self damage decreases during Sparking or Limit Break, and becomes 0 with both activated ; Minimum damage: 1032. Theory #1: Tri-Beam is an english translation. General: A Near Mint card should look Mint but on closer inspection will have a minor flaw either on an edge, a corner, or its surface. Hold L/M/H/S during Tri-Beam's startup for this version. Neo Tri-Beam: Tien fires a more powerful version of the Tri-Beam. Interestingly, this technique leaves a square hole in the ground, instead of a triangle. This is the second highest damaging Lv1 Super at max scaling, losing only to Base Goku's Kaioken x20. d it in a deep orange glow. Negative value refers to the amount spent to perform the attack. Attribute Attributes this attack possesses. Each blast damages the user more than the last. [29] He is referenced by American rapper Soulja Boy in the uncut version of his song "Goku", where he states that he "feels like Tien" along with other Dragon Ball characters and Pikachu . As long as more ki meters are used, pressing the button repeatedly or holding the button down will fire consecutive blasts. Some attacks are invincible to attacks of certain attributes. Once he gathers enough energy, he shouts "Tri-Beam, ha!" Tri-Beam Tien Shinhan - BT5-086 - Common. Farewell, Tien: Chiaotzu flies in and self destructs while grappled onto the opponent. It's just a name FUNimation gave to Tenshinhan's attack instead of keeping it the Japanese original of "kikoho."

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