Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3) - Ammonium Nitrate is an Ionic Salt Made up of the Ammonium Cation (NH4)+ and the Nitrate Anion (NO3)-. Its Formula is NH4NO3. This 30 g bottle of ammonium nitrate is a white crystalline solid at room temperature. Find the ammonium nitrate formula, the common use of ammonium nitrate in fertilizer, and more below! Synonyms. Produces toxic oxides of nitrogen during combustion. Global production was estimated at 21.6 million tonnes in 2017. Formula: (NH4)2SO4 The SI base unit for amount of substance is the mole. Molecular Formula. The material can be substituted with calcium sulfate (gypsum). Produced as small porous pellets, or “prills”, it’s one of the world’s most widely used fertilisers. One variety of calcium ammonium nitrate is made by adding powdered limestone to ammonium nitrate ; [1] [2] another, fully water-soluble version, is a mixture of calcium nitrate and ammonium nitrate, which crystallizes as a hydrated double salt : [3] 5Ca(NO 3 ) 2 •NH 4 NO 3 •10H 2 O. The ammonium nitrate that (NH4NO3) is a salt of ammonia and nitric acid, we use it widely in many fertilizers and explosives. While it is already very soluble in cold water, ammonium nitrate is extremely so… Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound with the formula NH₄NO₃. Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is an industrially-produced chemical fertilizer. Let's take a look at the Ammonium Nitrate Formula below. Evacuation is recommended if the initial (incipient) fire, not involving ammonium nitrate, becomes intense. Fertilizer: Ammonium Sulfate Grade: 21-0-0. It is also the main component in many types of mining explosives, where it’s mixed with fuel oil and detonated by an explosive charge. Incipient stage fires at sites where ammonium nitrate is stored are the only fires that should be attacked by firefighters when human operators of fire extinguishers or fire hoses are required. It is a source of water soluble nitrogen but not a source of water soluble calcium. Ammonium nitrate has the chemical formula NH₄NO₃. Moreover, in the commercial-grade, there is about 33.5 per cent of nitrogen. Produced as small porous pellets, or “prills”, it’s one of the world’s most widely used fertilisers. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound widely used in farming as fertilizer. Fertilizer: Ammonium Nitrate Grade: 37-0-0. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NH4NO3. ammonium nitrate involved in a fire may detonate, especially if confined. Because ammonium nitrate exists as a crystal lattice of these two ions. Ammonium nitrate has the chemical formula NH₄NO₃. Ammonium nitrate, the substance. Properties and applications: It is a new Nitrogenous and Calcareous fertilizer with characteristics of high efficiency and quickly make-up Nitrogen, applied in greenhouse and large-area farmland.It improves the soil and granulates the soil making it anti-caking. It is a white crystalline solid and is highly soluble in water. What is it used for? See the answer Ammonium nitrate appears typically as a hard off-white white crystalline solid or as prills, such as those found in instant cold packs. 5 months ago. The molecular formula for Ammonium Nitrate is NH4NO3. This type of fertilizer is typically sold in a granular form, although other preparations and combinations are possible. Ammonium nitrate has the chemical formula of NH 4 NO 3. Analysis / composition: 21% N-NH 4, 73% SO 4 . Ammonium nitrate has the chemical formula NH₄NO₃. Ammonium nitrate is the fertilizer compound that can be used in explosives, said John Goodpaster, who researches explosives at Indiana at University-Purdue University Indianapolis. 10H 2 O. Molecular weight: 1080.71 . Ammonium nitrate is a nitrate of ammonia. It has the chemical formula NH 4 NO 3 and is used primarily to increase the nitrogen content of soil. It is a white crystalline solid consisting of ions of ammonium and nitrate. The explosion that tore through Beirut on Tuesday August 4 was so strong that shockwaves were felt on the island of Cyprus, over 200 kilometres away. This is an acidic salt with a pH of about 5.4. Does not readily burn but will do so if contaminated with combustible material. Soluble in water. C2H8N2O3. It is most commonly used as … This is the nitrate of ammonia, and it has the following structure. 13379149. N-67 - Calcium Ammonium Nitrate (CAN) –A nitrogenous fertilizer derived from ammonium nitrate which contains a minimum of 20% calcium material (e.g. What is the formula for ammonium nitrate? Ammonium nitrate fertilizer is the most common use of the compound, but it also has a very volatile nature, which makes it useful in certain industries. If discomfort persists contact a physician, preferably an Ophthalmologist. Learn about Ammonium Nitrate. In its pure form, ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is a white, crystalline chemical which is soluble in water. Dimethylammonium nitrate. Note that rounding errors may occur, so always check the results. Structure. Chemistry The Mole Concept Determining Formula. 13.8K views The chemical compound ammonium nitrate, a salt of ammonia and ammonium and nitric acid, is a colorless, crystalline solid that is highly soluble in water. PubChem CID. Ammonium nitrate is commercially available both as a colorless crystalline solid and processed into prills for specific applications. The molecule of ammonium nitrate is formed by the union of 2 nitrogen atoms, 4 hydrogen atoms and 3 oxygen atoms. Its chemical formula is NH4NO3, meaning it is a molecule made up of atoms of nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. Find Similar Structures. Ammonium nitrate is a chemical compound with the formula NH4 NO3, and it's made by combining ammonia with nitric acid. Ammonium nitrate is a pussycat unless contaminated with chloride (NH4NO3, NH4Cl, Zn dust, mix, add drop of water). It is a white solid crystal which is readily soluble in water. At room temperature and standard pressure ammonium nitrate exist as an odorless, white crystalline solid. Evacuate the area in all directions for one (1) mile or more if any amount of ammonium nitrate is involved in a fire. Yes Or No Emperical Formula Of Precipitate Ammonium Nitrate Potassium Acetate Ammonium Sulfide Copper II Sulfate Zinc Nitrate Iron II Iodide This problem has been solved! When these two unite they form Ammonium nitrate with a formula NH 4 NO 3. Ammonium nitrate is an odorless, nearly colorless crystal salt. Ba (NO3)2 (aq) + (NH4)2SO4 (aq) = BaSO4 (s) + 2NH4NO3 (aq) Ammonium nitrate, the other product, remains in the solution. Accelerates the burning of combustible material. Ammonium nitrate is … When aqueous solutions of these two salts are mixed, a heavy, white precipitate of barium sulfate is formed by double decomposition. The dissolution of ammonium nitrate in water is very endothermic, making it useful for cooling baths. Ammonium salts are commonly used in fertilizers. NH4NO2 is a formula unit of ammonium nitrate.. and it also indicates some structural information. It … DYNO NOBEL MSDS # 1138 01/23/04 Page 4 of 5 Urea - Ammonium Nitrate Solution: Emergency First Aid Procedures Eye contact: Immediately flush with large amounts of water, including under the eyelids. Analysis / composition: 18.5% N-NO 3, 18.5% N-NH 4. It is normally spread as small pellets and dissolves quickly in moisture, releasing nitrogen into the soil. The molecular or chemical formula of Ammonium nitrite is NH 4 NO 2. Ammonium has a chemical formula NH 4+ and nitrate has the chemical formula NO 3-. calcite or dolomite) and a maximum of 27% nitrogen. Produced as small porous pellets, or “prills”, it’s one of the world’s most widely used fertilisers. NH4(+) & NO2(-) The empirical formula is the lowest whole number ratio of atoms. Ammonium nitrite is naturally formed in the air and it can be synthesized by the absorption of equal parts of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide in liquid ammonia. ammonium nitrate, in order to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the ammonium nitrate storage. Dimethylammonium nitrate. It is the main ingredient in the manufacture of commercial explosives used in mining and construction. All ammonium salts are soluble in water and dissociate or break down to produce aqueous ammonium ions. Adding diesel doesn't … Produced as small porous pellets, or "prills", it's one of the world's most widely used fertilisers. Sigma-Aldrich offers a number of Ammonium nitrate products. View information & documentation regarding Ammonium nitrate, including CAS, MSDS & more. 1 grams Ammonium Nitrate is equal to 0.012493228670061 mole. Examples of compounds containing the ammonium ion include, ammonium nitrate, NH 4 NO 3 and ammonium sulfate, (NH 4) 2 SO 4. Formula: NH4NO3 . 1 Answer MeneerNask Dec 11, 2016 #NH_4NO_3# Explanation: Ammonium ion #NH_4^+# Nitrate ion #NO_3^-# These have equal, but opposing charges, so we take just one of each to 'build' the salt. The ammonium ion is a positively charged ion or cation and has the chemical formula, NH 4 +. Ammonium nitrate has the chemical formula NH₄NO₃. It is predominantly used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. The term "calcium ammonium nitrate" is applied to multiple different, but closely related formulations. It is highly soluble in water and hygroscopic as a solid, although it does not form hydrates.

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