Both parents can be seen and are registered with the UK Pygmy Hedgehog Club. Being an exotic mammal with unique needs, your hoglet’s original source needs to be a high quality and ethical breeder. “This diet can be supplemented with treats such as mealworms, crickets, and fruits and vegetables.” The enclosure also needs smooth side… Each hedgie has their own personality. Unlike most other pocket pets, hedgehogs are considered insectivores and these snouted critters have quite the taste for things that creep and crawl. In retrospect, we should have taken a business card from the vendor. Their wild counterparts cover miles of ground each day in the wild where they can be found throughout Gambia, Mozambique, Somalia, and other African nations. However, in order to prove that a hedgehog they sold died under a warranty situation, they’ll require that you provide them with proof from a postmortem necropsy. Sadly, too many people jump in with both feet, without knowing the first thing about hedgehog ownership. 3. Additionally, there are many breeders that will post their licensing information so you can verify their credentials. Gift Shop & Pet Supplies. Baby hedgehogs ready to go now, we have several little cuties ready to meet you.Pickup at our ranch in Kingsbury Texas Babies are very sweet and socialized, call us today 210-241-1856 Hedgehog Breeder in Texas . Exotic Animal Forum. It is a mistake to assume that all sources where you can buy a hoglet are equal or reputable. By purchasing through our links, we may earn a small commission on sales, that helps us continue to provide informative and educational information for hedgie lovers. Of course, that depends on their willingness to speak with you about their litters; and them allowing you to choose your baby hedgehog. I know for a fact that almost every parent who has contacted me about a hedgehogs as pet for their child has an exceptionally bright and talented child that is extremely good with animals. Setting up an exhibit at these shows isn’t cheap. A baby hedgehog is born blind and their eyes won't open for about 2-3 weeks, according to the Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital.If a hoglet has the misfortune of being a runt in the litter, often they won't be able to compete against their siblings for their turn to nurse. Hedgehog Please help support this channel:\r My Wish List : \r My Paypal:\r \r We are in need of some new ( upgrade ) equipment ! In contrast, private pet stores that carry baby (or adult) hedgehogs are more likely to speak with you regarding their source. Younger hedgehogs are easier to tame than older ones, therefore your best chance to having a hedgehog that loves being held is by getting one at about six to eight weeks of age. Oct 10, 2019 - Explore Pets's board "Funny hedgehog", followed by 221 people on Pinterest. Younger hedgehogs are easier to tame than older ones, therefore your best chance to having a hedgehog that loves being held is by getting one at about six to eight weeks of age. See more ideas about cute hedgehog, hedgehog, baby hedgehog. As their name implies, African Pygmy hedgehogs are native to central and eastern Africa but most of these hedgehogs are actually a hybrid of two species - the Four-toed and Algerian hedgehogs. Tame hedgehogs will crawl into your hands, take treats from you and even enjoy being carried for a bit. Unlike porcupine quills, hedgehog quills don’t detach. And if there are too many unanswered questions – buyer beware! Mar 6, 2016 - Explore Bettyann Vaughan's board "Baby hedgehog" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hedgehog pet, Cute hedgehog, Baby hedgehog. If you don’t find your question, submit it and he’ll be glad to answer it in a future video. There are many enthusiasts for reptiles and exotic animals. This kibble has mashed up insects along with vitamins and minerals to create a balanced diet specifically formulated for an African pygmy hedgehog. Baby hedgehog taking a bath, she didn't really like the water a whole lot but she was a good sport about it. And the best part is that there is no additional cost to you. Use the guideline at the end of this article to assist you with the questions you need to ask. Being jostled about is very stressful on them. There are also many reputable breeders and pet stores that sell hedgehogs. Also, this warranty claim is not a definite indicator that the breeder isn’t operating a hedgehog mill. ***Hey everyone! Cages made for guinea pigs and rabbits are suitable for hedgehogs but wire grate cage bottoms should be avoided since hedgehogs have small feet that will be injured if they fall through these grates. Both are extremely friendly. If they don’t post it publicly, most are more than happy to answer your questions via email or phone. Sep 1, 2020 - Adorable hedgehogs! The most common places that you can buy a baby hedgehog are as follows: Sooner or later there's probably going to be a convention. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. In the wild they also live primarily off of small insects, grubs, snails, spiders, and small vertebrates - a diet we strive to mimic in captivity. Some breeders, but not all, will offer a warranty against congenital defects and WHS. But as beginners, we didn’t know all the questions to ask before buying. No votes so far! If there’s ever a question you want to ask about hedgehogs, click on his image to see if he’s already answered it on the Ask Quilly page. Another huge bonus of buying from a local breeder is that they may allow you to visit your baby hedgie as it's still weaning from their mother. New born hedgehogs ARE NOT cute unlike most newborn puppies. Since they are local, it should be easy to make some inquiries regarding their reputation and breeding practices. Explore 30 listings for Baby hedgehogs for sale UK at best prices. Since caring for a hedgehog is a big responsibility, you’ll need to find a reputable and ethical breeder. Our hedgehogs are used in animal exhibits, shows, petting zoos, and as school pets all over the tri-state area. However, as previously mentioned, hedgehogs are exotic animals and the chances are slim that your local pet superstore carries this unique creature. In our download, you will find questions that you should ask the breeder and things to look for in their operations. Hedgehog Care Baby Hedgehog Hedgehog Pet Cage Hedgehog Supplies Hedgehog Accessories Big House Cats Teacup Cats Pet Travel Short Trip The Complete Guide To Traveling With Hedgehogs Whether it’s a short trip to the vet or a vacation across the world, there are things you should know before putting your hedgehog in the car and driving off. We have partnered with them and other reputable merchants when they sell something that we feel will benefit our readers. If you own a hedgehog, you’re going to get pricked by them. A soft bedding such as a recycled paper material or towels that are changed out regularly are best for the sensitive feet of a hedgehog. Sadly, our little apricot-colored “bundle of love” was lost to WHS (wobbly hedgehog syndrome). Resources for people who have pet hedgehogs and more. Please don’t keep a hedgehog as a pet in a compound or in an enclosed garden – he is a wild animal and loves freedom. That was my dog. Baby hedgehog (Weirton) < image 1 of 1 > QR Code Link to This Post. Typically, hedgehogs don't like their heads being pet and will roll into spiked balls when scared. We specialize in pet hedgehogs for sale in Texas and can arrange transportation for out of state homes! Many owners and breeders still feed kitten food to their hedgehogs but this is not ideal since cat food does not contain blood meal and chitin in it. See more ideas about Cute hedgehog, Baby hedgehog, Hedgehog pet. Even if they do sell them, they usually are not a good source for buying a baby hedgehog. Hedgehogs are very active at night and will run several miles a day on their wheel or in their enclosed play area. The Hedgehog Penis: Structure, Habits, and Disorders, Hedgehog Teeth And The Need For Dental Care, Buying A Baby Hedgehog on Craigslist (or a similar classified source), Buying A Baby Hedgehog From A Private, Local Pet Store, Privately-Owned Pet Shops Know Their Product Sources, Buying a Baby Hedgie at a Reptile and Exotic Animal Convention, Buying a Baby Hedgehog from an Online Breeder, Once You’ve Found Where To Buy A Baby Hedgehog. The African Pygmy Hedgehog originates from Africa and is the most common species kept as a pet throughout North America. Use our guide to question the breeding source. These little animals can make terrific companions when housed and fed appropriately, and their popularity appears to be increasing. Oct 20, 2018 - Explore Anastasia Hartman's board "Baby Hedgehogs" on Pinterest. Do Hedgehogs Carry Diseases? Most pets arrive at shelters because the owner had to move, could no longer afford the pet, had a death in the family, or simply gave up the responsibly of being a care taker for a Hedgehog. It is not uncommon to find that the litter has yet to be born, so please know there is a weaning period once they are. Weaning is typically a six week or longer process, so personally socializing your hoglet is a big deal. To prevent medical problems from developing, all hedgehogs should have a check-up with a hedgehog-savvy veterinarian when they are first purchased or adopted and should have annual examinations after that. Pet hedgehogs are unique animals so they also make unique pets. Hope you enjoyed the daily routine. Another name for a baby hedgehog is a hoglet. Exercise and activity is very important to hedgehogs so potential owners should be able to commit to be able to provide a hedgehog with the space necessary to do so. The price depends on who’s undertaking the procedure and how many laboratory tests will be run.” By our own experience, it is more likely that the necropsy will cost somewhere between $100 and $300. It is smaller than the European hedgehog, and thus is sometimes called the African pygmy hedgehog.Other species kept as pets are the long-eared hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus) and the Indian long-eared hedgehog (H. … As a result, they go to various online classified listings trying to recoup as much as they can for a baby hedgehog they should never have purchased. May 17, 2018 - Explore Jennavie Dulay's board "hedgehogs" on Pinterest. One is that you must pay a non-refundable deposit on a hoglet you haven’t had an opportunity to interact with. According to PetMD, “Expect to pay $100 to over $1,000. The popularity of the hedgehog appears to be increasing. Contact Us. If you are fortunate enough to live near hedgehog breeders, this could be an ideal situation. Pet hedgehogs have between 5,000 to 6,000 quills. All babies will be registered before they leave at 8 weeks old. We're sorry that this post wasn't useful for you! After they’ve had their hedgehog for awhile, they realize that there is a lifestyle mismatch. I am giving a great deal for her to be an "exotic pet" plus she will have other things included she will be PET ONLY and i would like updates on her!!! Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. It is actually interesting to watch a hedgehog roll into a tight ball, and to see his quills stick up in … See more ideas about Hedgehog pet, Baby hedgehog, Hedgehog. The large pet store chains may carry small common pets that are “cash and carry”, like fish, mice, and hamsters. Make sure the running wheel is cleaned regularly to avoid fecal matter from building up which can cause foot infections. Sonic the hedgehog may have been all blue and cool in the Sega video games but the real animals have their own special appeal that only hedgehog lovers can understand. The most common pet species of hedgehog are hybrids of the white-bellied hedgehog or four-toed hedgehog (Atelerix albiventris) and the North African hedgehog (A. algirus). Look back over each one to familiarize yourself with your options. By closely examining your lifestyle, habits, personality, and resources, we'll help you wade through the benefits and pitfalls before you commit. At the end of this article, you can download a guideline of questions to ask about the hoglet you’re considering. That simple act would have interrupted a decision that was based purely on emotion (and how incredibly adorable the little quill-ball was). A large enclosed running wheel should be kept in the cage for your hedgie to exercise in along with a hide box, food bowl, and water bottle. Be the first to rate this post. One of the perks of buying from a local pet store is that most shop owners will allow you to pick up the hoglet before buying. There's another important thing to know before digging deep into where to buy a baby hedgehog are the legalities. When your hedgehog feels threatened, he balls up and spreads them out. We are happy that you have decided to adopt a Hedgehog. The internet is a wonderful place to find information, and that includes finding many online breeders where you can buy a baby hedgehog. We’ve given you many sources to help you locate where to buy a baby hedgehog. Some online breeders are willing to ship a baby hedgehog to its new home if the buyer isn’t nearby. Meet Quilly. Mealworms and crickets are the most commonly fed insects in captivity but the staple diet for a hedgehog should be a store-bought, specially formulated hedgehog kibble. With that information you can research and, hopefully, speak directly with the breeder of the baby hedgehog you’re considering buying. When researching where to buy a baby hedgehog online, we suggest limiting your search radius. If your hedgehog is losing a lot of spines then it's time for a check-up with the vet. For more details, see our. Can a pet hedgehog hurt you? Most online breeders are detailed about their practices on their websites. If you're not clear on the responsibilities and you haven’t read our article, “Hedgehog as a Pet: Pros and Cons”, please do that now. Together we'll list the pros and cons of having a hedgehog as a pet based on your lifestyle, your ability to care for, and your emotional strength. Hedgehog Pet Cute Creatures Cute Hedgehog Animals Beautiful Pets Hedgehog Small Pets Pet Birds Cute Baby Animals Facts About Hedgehog Pet | Lifespan, Health, Food & Diet - Anifa Blog It may come as a surprise to learn that hedgehogs are mammals that have been living in Southern Europe and Africa for millions of years.

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