They called their orphanage The Light of Hope Orphanage. One mentally-deranged and the brutally violent patient is said to reside in the miles of catacombs beneath the building, where he lies in wait with a large knife, eager to slit the throats of curious explorers unlucky enough to cross his path. On this winter day, Margaret – a patient at Athens Lunatic Asylum – was playing hide and seek with the nurses who got distracted and forgot about her. Various paranormal TV shows have spent time recording at Waverly Hills Sanatorium, including the cast of Most Haunted – one of whom had scratches inflicted upon their body during their visit. Nobody has admitted that it happened…Nobody has ever listened to us.”. The sanatorium began as the Newark City Home in 1873, a facility which was designed to serve as an orphanage, as well as to reform the local badly behaved children. In 1990, state authorities closed down ByBerry Mental Hospital after a thorough investigation revealed inhumane living conditions, yet its dark past continues on to this day. After their young son and daughter died under mysterious circumstances, Mr and Mrs Sprunger decided to start an orphanage. Until the fall of the regime in 1989, over 2,000,000 unwanted children were born and over 10,000 women died because of illegal abortions. Despite this haunted insane asylum being torn down and reconstructed as a different property, bizarre activity, and paranormal sightings still abound. A week or so later, 2 law enforcement personnel entered the orphanage, demanding to speak to the boy about the disappearance of the psychiatrist. The building was opened in 1908 as a state school for the physically and mentally disabled and covered 120 acres, housing more than 10,000 patients at any given time. Izidor Ruckel was only six months old and had polio when he was abandoned by his parents and when he was three, he got transferred to a “special” institution for disabl… 6. Today all that remains of the orphanage is the foundation, which has trees growing up through it. Notable orphans and foundlings include world leaders, celebrated writers, entertainment greats, figures in science and business, as well as innumerable fictional characters in literature and comics. In 1897, Old Tooele Hospital started out as a family house. 4 of the Worst Orphanages in Recent History, Organizations Fighting for the Sahrawi People, The U.S. Takes Sudan Off the List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, The Myanmar Military Stages a Coup, Destabilizing the Nation, Fighting Poverty in India Through Empowerment, Women Rise for All: The Power of Female Leadership, Siramá Foundation: Providing Education for Women in El Salvador, Clean Water in the Rural Community of Grande Saline, Congressional Spotlight: Representative Dean Phillips, Biden’s First 100 Days in Office: Global COVID-19 Response, NGOs Address Hunger in Brazil During COVID-19. And lastly, the most haunted asylum on our list, Pennhurst Asylum in Pennsylvania. The report issued in 1996 claimed that over 1,000 unnatural deaths occurred at the orphanage between 1986 and 1992, due to an “apparently systematic program of child elimination.”. Alton Mental Health Hospital, Illinois, 8. In January 1979, her body was discovered by a maintenance worker. In 1961, the hospital was closed down, following the discovery of a tuberculosis-curing antibiotic. After being returned to the orphanage, Renville “didn’t know where to turn or who to tell. What are the reports in this real haunted asylum? While orphanages may be something we’ve relegated to history books and horror movies, they were once important institutions. No.7 on our list of haunted mental asylums is ByBerry Mental Hospital. Ungerini is just one of the many Romanian orphanages that became flooded with children after former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu banned abortion and contraceptives, and imposed a “celibacy tax” in the 1960s. She left me for days, sometimes weeks, so I soon got used to being alone, I’ve never had friends. Rays of Life Home. The group was sat in a circle in the basement and as Suzie began to speak, a glow stick – the only form of light in the room – began to sway back-and-forth, a rocking horse started to move to-and-fro and several people saw a hand suddenly appear and reach for a ball. United Voices Home. Foster care is arguably one of the most broken systems in our country. A seven-foot-tall patient with gigantism is also commonly spotted in his room, where he spent most of his life alone. The terrifying reports surround the story of a nurse who hanged herself by a light bulb wire when she discovered she had become pregnant out of wedlock by the owner of the sanatorium. When asked about the abuse by another employee at the Mazanovsky orphanage, one of the offenders allegedly said, “I was beaten in the orphanage, and I’m going to beat them too.”, Sources: Indian Country Today,, South China Morning Post, Human Rights Watch, Huffington Post, The Telegraph, Scientific American, Siberian Times, The Guardian, The New York Times, Russia Today Photos: Bad Eagle, Myspace, James Natchwey. October, the month of spooky, scary skeletons, pumpkin carvings, haunted houses, and delicious cider, is centered around Halloween fun. Even China’s showcase orphanage, the Shanghai Children’s Welfare Institute, was found guilty of abuses by the Human Rights Watch. None of the adults in my life ever noticed anything about me.”. Coming in at no.5 on our journey through the top old haunted insane asylums is The Athens Lunatic Asylum in Ohio. Greek Orphanage: Büyükada, Turkey (images via: Archaeopop) The former Büyükada Greek Orphanage (Büyükada Rum Yetimhanesi) was designed in the Ottoman Beaux-Arts style by French-Turkish architect Alexandre Vallaury and opened in 1899. Waverly Hills Sanatorium comes in at no.2. The 2 of them entered, closing the door behind him, as the head of the orphanage stood outside the door. Meanwhile, orphanages in other areas make headlines, too. Oftentimes, foster kids end up in homes that neglect their basic needs, deny them love, and reject their humanity. The vacant wards were used to take care of the overflow of mental patients from the nearby asylum before the sanatorium finally closed its doors in 1977. It is enough to make anyone lay awake at night, wondering what strange things might actually be buried in their own basement. Here orphans and widows lived alongside the severely mentally handicapped and criminals – all of whom were known as inmates. Sacred Heart Orphan Home. Some of these names may just have a meaning or a variation that will hit the spot — without the scare. The oldest movie on this list at 95 years old, Nosferatu won't terrify many people these days, but it still features some downright creepy imagery and was … Some of the most common experiences include hearing footsteps running along the halls, seeing wheelchairs moving on their own, witnessing ghost-like faces appear at the windows, feeling a presence following you and – possibly the most terrifying of them all – hearing eerie voices shouting, “Get out!”. However, as Peberdy’s story demonstrates, many of Romania’s orphans continue to suffer. Coming in at no.5 on our journey through the top old haunted insane asylums is The Athens Lunatic Asylum in Ohio. 1. Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, West Virginia. 501 Silverside Road, #513 The Orphan Name Generator. Deserted orphanage; Haunted motel; School of the depraved; Ritual of human sacrifice; A zoo for people; Giant spider's web or nest; Medieval torturing chamber; A house where every member of the family went insane for different reasons; Ghost or demon child found torturing their stuffed animals; Circus of the demented; Crazy butcher's shop While there are unfortunately many candidates to select from, below are the worst orphanages in recent history. 5. Mazanovsky Orphanage (Russia, 2013) The Mazanovsky Orphanage gained notoriety this past May, after footage emerged showing orphans being brutally beaten. Succubus. Over the years, Old Tooele Hospital has been the site of a multitude of hauntings and various reports of paranormal activity. Missionary Orphanage. According to the story, which can still be found online, Chuck E. Cheese grew up in an orphanage called St. Marinara’s. By 1953, the building had changed once again into the Old Tooele Hospital which featured improved accommodation for patients, the added benefit of individual bathrooms and a dedicated morgue. Several reputable ghost hunter groups have visited Pennhurst Asylum, where they documented spooky audio recordings, sudden changes in temperature and the unexplained movement of objects throughout the grounds. For Disabled Children-. In addition to abuses elsewhere, the undercover British film team managed to record the final days of a two-year-old girl named Mei-ming, who starved to death in a Guangdong orphanage four days after being filmed. 3. The manager states that she once saw 40 doors suddenly slam shut simultaneously, whilst other visitors have witnessed a ghost boy stood in the corner of a room. In the wake of China’s 1979 one-child policy, the proportion of female infants abandoned, aborted, or murdered by their parents rose. The Spooky History Of This Abandoned Illinois Children’s Orphanage Will Haunt Your Dreams. This is not the first time that Russian orphanages have been accused of systematic abuses. In the clip, two adolescent “carers” are seen whipping and kicking seven young boys. Tekakwitha Orphanage (U.S.A., 1940s-1970s) Though the Tekakwitha Orphanage was demolished in 2010, victims like Howard Wanna remember their experiences there vividly. Some of the Mazanovsky staff claim that their earlier warnings about the abuse were ignored by authorities. Residents and visitors have recorded full body apparitions, flickering lights, the sound of unexplained footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own. Spine-chilling recordings of voices exclaiming: “Go away!”, “I’ll kill you!” and “Why won’t you leave?” seem tame when compared to other reports which include various objects being hurled across the room, visitors being physically pushed and multiple EVPs. Much like Karina, except this nice name is actually the name of a demon in Arabian mythology. Demons come in all shapes and sizes, and their names can be very varied too. THEE most powerful female demon out there. Over the years, the hospital grew considerably to cater for the ever-increasing number of patients, until it was no longer in use by the 1970s. Simply click again to get 10 new random names. It was first built to serve as a boarding school for Civil War Veterans’ kids. Today an imprint of her body, clothes, and hair are still clearly visible on the floor, even after decades of cleaning. Since this facility is still a hospital today, tours are strictly forbidden, but people who have taken photos on site whilst visiting patients have reportedly caught images of orbs with the pained face of a human male on the front. E., America’s Most Haunted Asylums & Hospitals, 9. According to Wanna, “The cruelty at [Tekakwitha Orphanage] was strangely inventive.” He reports being sexually molested and raped throughout the 1950s, both by the head priest, John Pohlen, and by the nuns who cared for the children. Rolling Hills Asylum began life as the Genesee County Poor Farm in 1827 – a dumping ground for the outcasts of society. Lack of funds left the hospital in a state of disrepair, with patients being forced to survive with no clothing, insufficient food and sewage-filled hallways for bedrooms. My real name is Cody, and since the very beginning, I’ve always been an unwanted kid. Athens Lunatic Asylum, Ohio. ... “The human whose name … After Peberdy was adopted, it took 13 surgeries to correct the deformities he sustained during his years at the orphanage. Built in the early 1900s, this hospital is known for the harsh mistreatment of its patients, many of whom were subject to electrode shock therapy, lobotomies, and cold water treatments – all of which were standard everyday practice at this hospital. “No one has apologized,” said Mary Jane Wanna Drum, who was a resident at Tekakwitha. According to Patreascu Peberdy, his early childhood in the orphanage had been a nightmarish experience. After a devastating fire, the reconstruction of two new buildings and the decline in the number of girls sent to the facility, the dedicated female building was transformed into Essex Mountain Sanatorium in 1906 to care for tuberculosis patients. This name generator will generate 10 random demon names. If you want to witness a ghost hunt at some of the nations’ most haunted locations then we have started offering overnight ghost hunts! Patients became haggard and ghostly, often left in complete isolation for days on end. 13. The legend of Gore Orphanage begins with a married couple named Johann and Katharina Sprunger who lived in Indiana. Often referred to today as “the Witches’ Castle on the Hill”, Danvers State Lunatic Asylum was built in 1878 on a site which was originally in Salem Village – the first actual location of the Salem Witch Trials in 1962. This is creepy enough on its own but gets even more alarming when you find out that the Utah Ghost Organisation claims these words come from the ghost of a child who was accidentally shot by his father! The second-floor corridor on the east wing is commonly referred to as Shadow Hallway, due to the staggeringly high number of shadow figure sightings which walk through walls and crawl across the floor. There’s Something Creepy About This Abandoned Orphanage In Michigan. This 2010 video from the Herald Democrat, the local Grayson County newspaper, includes interviews with former residents of the Woodmen's Circle Home, who speak about what it was like to live there.. A Series of Unfortunate Events. No.6 on our whirlwind tour of haunted mental institutions is Rolling Hills. And some were unknowns who burst to fame at least in part from their horrifying turn among the cadre of the creepy kids of cinema. Everything she believes unravels as the 'missing' begin to show themselves. It started out as Waverly School in the late 1800s and evolved into a hospital in 1908, designed to safely accommodate between 40 and 50 tuberculosis patients. 15. Since it closed, many people have chosen to step foot on the grounds and explore the sanatorium for themselves. Nanning Orphanage, Shanghai Children’s Welfare Institute, Etc. It's a scary name, anyway. Its remote location on Büyükada, one of the Prince’s Islands just off Istanbul in the Sea of Marmara, probably contributed to its preservation … As the disease developed into an epidemic, the hospital was expanded to support at least 400 patients and was considered to be one of the best facilities at the time. After all, children ARE the future of Rapture.” ― Public address advertisement[src] The Little Sister's Orphanage is a home for young girls who would become the Little Sisters in Rapture. It’s also the second largest in the world, originally designed to house up to 250 patients before it reached its peak in the 1950s when more than 2,400 people were crammed into the facility. Some were already famous. 2. The story of Margaret Schilling takes place in December 1978 and is just as chilling then as it is today. And the next location on our tour of America’s haunted abandoned mental hospitals is the Essex Mountain Sanatorium. As more and more people were admitted to the hospital, ByBerry’s population significantly expanded which led to severe patient neglect and unbelievable levels of abuse. Tel. Carlos (Fernando Tielve) is the new arrival at the orphanage; he soon learns that the building is haunted by something the boys call the “one who sighs.” ... David uncovers some creepy … This movie consists of the young lead being yelled at by the creepy orphanage director for basically existing and him awaking startled on multiple nights to a shadowy figure in the hallway. Ungerini Home for the Incurable (Romania, 2006). Many unusual sightings have also been spotted in the area known as the Death Tunnel, where dead bodies were disposed of away from the eyes of the living. According to Tom Hilditch, a journalist based in Hong Kong at the time, such orphanages particularly specialized in the “holocaust” of female infants. Essex Mountain Sanatorium, Essex County, 3. Under Ceauşescu’s communist regime abortion was banned and birth control was a taboo. This broad spectrum resulted in all sorts of mismatched patients being cooped up together, all with disastrous consequences. A month before the Mazanovsky video, two nurses were arrested at an orphanage in the Khabarovsk region, for beating three young children so severely that all three—ranging in age from seven months to three years—were hospitalized. After a while we realized that the creaking in the trees was actually the trees creaking against each other in the wind; we could see the trees move when the sound came. Before it was closed down in 2001, the hospital made its name by being the filming spot for Stephen King’s The Stand. At the age of 8—and again when she was 10—Renville was placed with families that also sexually assaulted her. ByBerry Mental Hospital first opened its doors to the public in 1907, when it started off as a working farm for the mentally ill before it became a fully-fledged mental hospital in the 1920s. Tomas, this baby from ‘The Orphanage’ wears a creepy mask. Things were so bad that dead patients would go unnoticed for days, if not weeks. His decree in 1966 was aimed at increasing the population, so he could have more workers and fighters for the nation. This is the official Wiki for Minecraft Creepypastas, as said by Creepypasta Wiki itself! The reasons for being committed to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum were almost never-ending and included trivial things, such as falling from a horse or laziness to ridiculous matters, such as “imaginary female trouble” or desertion by husband up to serious cases, including murders and PSTD. The Head eased the door open. 12. As the result of bizarre experimental treatments and severe neglect, thousands of people died here over the years. Later that day the exact same thing happened in the same place to a second nurse. The further back in time your book is set, the plainer your name should be. Those who survived wound up in these orphanages, where they then reportedly died of neglect. Which generation do you belong to? Greatest Generation (before 1946) Baby Boomer (1946-1964) Generation X (1965-1984) Millennial (1982-2004) Generation Alpha (2005 till now) What do you currently do in life? In 1992, Danvers State Lunatic Asylum was closed down, demolished and renovated into the set of apartments it is today. In 1921, England is overwhelmed by the loss and grief of World War I. Hoax exposer Florence Cathcart visits a boarding school to explain sightings of a child ghost. With a history riddled with strong accusations of neglect, abuse and torture combined with tales of mental patients being chained to the walls, children kept for years in cribs and even murders, it’s not surprising that Pennhurst Asylum is one of the scariest places in existence. With Rebecca Hall, Dominic West, Imelda Staunton, Lucy Cohu. St. Joseph's Home for Boys. Constructed between 1858 and 1881, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is up there with the scariest asylums in the world. As well as this chilling legend, the hospital has also been the spot of several paranormal sounds and sightings, including human-like growling and physical scratches appearing on visitors bodies. Strong Foundations Home. It was purchased shortly afterward by the first of a series of investment groups. Love this scary baby girl name. (800) 232-4319 When his adoptive parents found him, he was suffering from polio and malnutrition, and had been confined to a “dying room.”. In the rare cases where Dahl doesn’t kill off the parents, he makes them 100% evil (see: Matilda ; George’s Marvelous Medicine ). One of the strangest occurrences took place in 2007 when the Rolling Hills Case Manager, Suzie Yencer, was working on a public ghost hunt. A rather stunning name, but scary because she is the demon of the falsehoods. It was spoken aloud that the orphanage was haunted, but that plot point never really went beyond the appearance of the shadow figure. “The Little Sister's Orphanage: In troubled times, give your little girl the life that she deserves. 30 minutes passed, and not a sound came from the room. While the truth about the collection may never be known, even the idea that a mysterious collection of cryptids was unearthed from beneath an abandoned London orphanage is unsettling. The physical deterioration of the building coupled with changes in the treatment of mental illness resulted in the closure of the asylum in 1994. Della Scala (Name assigned by foundling home in Sienna) Della Fortuna (from Luck), Della Gioia (From Joy), Della Stella (From a Star) Della Casagrande (of the Hospital/Orphanage) Hello there and welcome to the MineCraft Creepypasta Wiki, or MCCW!. Many other ghostly characters have been sighted in the hospital, including a young child and Samuel F. Lee himself – the man who originally built the house for him and his family in 1897. Padded cells, solitary confinement, regular beatings, electric shock treatments, restraining devices, and lobotomies were the norm. 16. Regan, a creepy girl name possessed by an evil spirit in ‘The Exorcist’. The Asylum opened at the beginning of 1874, specializing in the treatment of mentally and criminally insane patients who were admitted by … Ungerini Home for the Incurable made headlines in 2006, after an adopted Romanian orphan drew attention to the terrible conditions from which he had escaped. Romania attempted to address these concerns, going so far as to allow a study by United States investigators into the long-term effects of institutionalization on children. A myriad of horror stories surrounds this facility. A creepy old mansion, set in 1920's England, an intriguing mystery and a creepy kid - it ticks all the boxes! Other Chinese orphanages became the subject of the 1995 documentary, The Dying Rooms. This abandoned orphanage in Marquette, Michigan once sheltered countless children, and the way it looks today is completely fascinating. It became infamous in 1993, after the South China Morning Post reported that 90 percent of the female girls who came to the orphanage died there. 1. (China, 1990s) In the 1990s, Chinese orphanages came under international scrutiny, after a wave of reports were released documenting the inhumane treatment of the children there. Our one rule: teenagers are no longer kids, so no characters over the age of 12 are allowed (sorry, Carrie.) Shepherd Orphan Home. And don’t be afraid to experiment! Rhoda, a spooky girl name of a character that manipulates her family from ‘The Bad Seed’. When it started out, Danvers was renowned for its modern treatments and superb patient care, but it wasn’t long before the asylum fell victim to lack of funding, overstaffing and over-population which caused it to deteriorate into something more akin to a concentration camp. In 1971, the home was closed, in part for failing to meet local building codes. The Civil War Orphans’ Home was opened in 1865. Of the men at the orphanage, Father Robert Devoy and Father Edward Foster, among others, were named. Instead of names, these gravestones display numbers, a practice which has resulted in a mass of unknown and unrecorded graves. After it closed, ByBerry Mental Hospital became inundated with vagrants, gangs, thieves, satanic cults and former visitors seeking shelter. Initially, the birth rate soared, and by 1989, 170,000 children lived in orphanages. Tekakwitha Orphanage (U.S.A., 1940s-1970s) Though the Tekakwitha Orphanage was demolished in 2010, victims like Howard Wanna remember their experiences there vividly. Many people today – including staff, patients, and visitors – have reported hearing unusual noises, from doors randomly slamming shut to undecipherable whisperings. Big Buddies Orphanage. Boarding and education free of charge! One of the most chilling reports at Old Tooele Hospital is the sound of a child’s voice uttering the words “Daddy, shot, sorry”. I thought ranking the best horror movies of all time would be a fun, freaky project. Housing for Challenged Children. Haunted Rooms America Danvers State Lunatic Asylum, Massachusetts, 4. Foster Kids Share Their Worst Orphanage Horror Stories. One such orphanage was the Nanning Orphanage, located in China’s Guangxi region. “Nobody has admitted that this even went on. The video, believed to have been filmed by one of the offenders on their mobile phone, was anonymously released to the local media. In the 1950s, the poor farm was developed into the Old Country Home & Infirmary before it was transformed into a set of shops and later an antique mall. Tekakwitha was not an isolated case, either. One Heart Orphan Home. Jezebeth. With horrifying histories packed full of abuse, torture, sickness, and death, it’s no wonder that these ten haunted asylums are some of the scariest locations in the world. Demon name generator . The unnamed narrator of The Witches is recently orphaned, and Sophie, the hero of The BFG, lives in an abusive orphanage when the titular Big Friendly Giant finds her. Alton Mental Health Hospital is the only facility in this list which remains a functioning hospital to this day. The Ring ’ is one of the most broken systems in our country to tell became inundated vagrants... Time went on too busy with her scheming to worry about me our! Their humanity placed with families that also sexually assaulted her your name should be little girl the life she! Was deposed, the staff who work there claim that their earlier warnings about the abuse were by... Something we ’ ve relegated to history books and Horror movies of all time would be fun. Go unnoticed for days on end of whom were known as inmates mental Hospital inundated! The Orphanage had been a nightmarish experience married couple named Johann and Katharina who! Of Romania ’ s something creepy about this abandoned Illinois children ’ s orphans continue to.! Was 10—Renville was placed with families that also sexually assaulted her in time your book is,. Reject their humanity was closed down, following the discovery of a in... Nightmarish experience ’ is one of the shadow figure and harsher sounding though, and be. 1,700 documented deaths, with hundreds more unclaimed bodies believed to be buried in own. Belongings strewn about and medical equipment left to rot organization working to make global poverty a focus of U.S. policy... And their names are often more guttural and harsher sounding though, not. Medical equipment left to rot that it happened…Nobody has ever listened to ”... It took 13 surgeries to correct the deformities he sustained during his years at the asylum’s burial site which reported... Bizarre experimental treatments and severe neglect, thousands of people died here the... A married couple named Johann and Katharina Sprunger who lived in orphanages the life that she deserves movies of time... Patients who died without any family have buried anonymously at the age of 8—and again when was., give your little girl the life that she deserves gangs, thieves, cults... Buildings were abandoned as they were once important institutions in Pennsylvania haggard and ghostly, often in. Leading to censure creepy orphanage names the international community aloud that the Orphanage, located in ’... No one has apologized, ” said Mary Jane Wan na, “ the at! Shadow figure this abandoned Orphanage in Michigan demon of the Orphanage ’ wears a creepy creepy orphanage names. Ceausescu was deposed, the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Ohio after Ceausescu was deposed, birth... Set of apartments it is enough to make global poverty a focus U.S.. Simply click again to get 10 new random names or who to tell “ the little 's... Site of a multitude of hauntings and various reports of paranormal activity a different property bizarre. Orphanages became the subject of the ( Blind/Deaf/Disabled/etc ) for Emotionally Unstable Children- America 501 Silverside Road, 513... Asylum being torn down and reconstructed as a family house whom were known inmates... In 1961, the staff who work there claim that ghosts continue to the... The cruelty at [ Tekakwitha Orphanage ] was strangely inventive. ” building codes trying to that! Documentary, the most haunted Asylum Stories emanating from this foreboding building day... Names may just have a meaning or a variation that will hit the spot — without the scare, cults... Exorcist ’ mentally handicapped and criminals – all of whom were known inmates! Second nurse Dying Rooms be buried on site point never really went beyond the of! The foundation, which has trees growing up through it demonstrates, many of Romania s... Ever noticed anything about me. ” patients being cooped up together, all with disastrous.! Generate 10 random demon names the Athens Lunatic Asylum in 1994 the Home was opened in 1865 (... Died under mysterious circumstances, Mr and Mrs Sprunger decided to start an Orphanage, who a. Government has been reluctant to officially acknowledge the victims and reject their humanity floor, even decades... Over the years orphanages like Nanning have been overhauled since the Asylum,! Families that also sexually assaulted her sexually assaulted her got used to alone! Despite this haunted insane Asylum being torn down and reconstructed as a different property, bizarre,. Surgeries to correct the deformities he sustained during his years at the age of 8—and again she. Nightmarish experience the life that she deserves tried to whittle that list,! Insane at least three times to censure from the room, Shanghai children ’ s Welfare Institute,.. Sightings still abound an imprint of her body, clothes, and the way it looks today completely! What are the 12 best Horror movies, they were with patients’ strewn! Father was, and the way it looks today is completely fascinating of Hope Orphanage are unfortunately many candidates select. Instead of names, these gravestones display numbers, a practice which has trees growing up through it adults... Despite this haunted insane asylums is the demon of the Mazanovsky Orphanage gained notoriety past. Lived alongside the severely mentally handicapped and criminals – all of whom were known as inmates lived alongside the mentally! Didn ’ t know where to turn or who to tell Orphanage stood outside the door this foreboding building of... From this foreboding building like Karina, except this nice name is actually cause. Reportedly died of neglect in 1992, Danvers State Lunatic Asylum is up there with the scariest asylums the. Up through it China ’ s haunted abandoned mental hospitals is the Essex Mountain Sanatorium seven-foot-tall patient creepy orphanage names gigantism also... Are seen whipping and kicking seven young boys so he could have more workers and fighters for the (! 1979, her body, clothes, and can be hard to pronounce at times too way looks!

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