Crabs often appear in fairy tales and are familiar to us from ancient times. Luckily, no species-specific conditions have been identified yet. Basically, they are a tough animal with a … Breeding pom pom crabs (Lybia tesselata)?? The Fiddler Crabs are pretty flexible when it comes to breeding and can breed anytime during the summer season. You don’t want there to be too much water that you’re drowning the crabs, but you do want the sand to be moist. However, in captivity, they usually only live for a couple of years or so. Fiddler crabs are frequently advertised as freshwater crabs by pet stores, but the qualification is not accurate. I've heard of some ppl trying to breed crabs in captivity but unfortunately don't have any luck due to crab babies need a lot of natural vitamins that they can only get from the sea. Many people imagine crabs as large creatures living the deep sea, and few people have an idea of breeding them. I have not seen any species of true freshwater crab, however I have seen unscrupulous dealers or chains like Petco market brackish water specie like Fiddler Crabs as freshwater. After breeding, the female incubates her eggs for about two weeks and then releases them into the ocean. Some fiddler crabs can release eggs every two weeks as long as the weather remains warm. They are widely available as food, too. The eggs quickly hatch into free-swimming larval young that live at the surface of the water, along with other types of plankton. It’s believed that Vampire Crabs are susceptible to the same general ailments that other freshwater crabs are. To keep your fiddler crabs, put them in a bucket with sand and some water. If you want them to breed, be absolutely sure that they are freshwater crabs. More than 100 subspecies of fiddler crab exist, and they have similar needs. I'm a fairly experienced aquarist with a 30 and a 55 gal tank, both heavily planted (so no salt added!). One of mine now has an orange egg sac underneath... there are 2 other crabs in the system, so there is a pretty good chance one is male and the eggs are fertile.... Any ideas on how to try and raise some baby pom poms? This includes bacterial infections, fungal issues, and parasites. It may be worth your time to do some research before bringing one of these crabs home so that you know exactly what kinds of conditions your specific breed of fiddler crab requires. if they are fiddler crabs males will have one large claw, and females have two small claws. The good news is that all of those issues can easily be avoided by just maintaining your tank. Fiddler Crab is a broad term that includes over 100 different species. So, you will have to prove a lot of hiding places or other crabs can eat a molted one. However, the ideal time is right after their molting, when the … Small and fascinating scavengers, Freshwater Crabs are also escape artists capable of finding almost any hole in the hood of an aquarium. Keep in mind that, during the molting process and right after it, they are extremely vulnerable. Important: In Vampire crabs, both molting and breeding occur in freshwater that is unique to this type of crab. For the best answers, search on this site While fiddlers can survive in freshwater for short periods of time, they need brackish water to thrive, ideally with specific gravity of around 1.005. Feeding Vampire Crab I just joined because I was doing a web search for breeding fiddler crabs.

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