It's a win-win. Sounds more like a way to hospitalize yourself. that (knowing the series he probably has something like "Super Serious" and another level beyond even that, but let's not make too many assumptions here). He was able to right himself so that he was skidding upright on his feet, and saw Saitama running after him. He usually uses this for opponents that need to be attacked at multiple sections of their body, like Boomstick: Yeah, and he "technically" has more techniques to use. energy beam forward, then raises it up towards the sky, then bombards the Krillin has to be a casual planet buster by this point just to be relevent in TOP. punches, or otherwise monsters that need to be taken out quickly with no traces Something caught his eye and he turned to see that Saitama was standing on the bank of the river, looking up at him. Saitama Both 5-B Speed Unrestrict Both Bloodlusted. No disrespect to Krillen, but Saitama deserves recognition. Strength. That would have come in as a life-saver on multiple occasions! child for eight months, Scales to Kid Goku who countered Roshi's While that may sound weird on paper, as I said the manga or anime) as well as creating an air pressure vacuum that reached Saitama doesn't even have enough feats to scale his full power. strongest monster that will finally defeat the heroes. But they proved to be the least of his worries as Saitama suddenly appeared behind him, pulling his fist back. what he can do when he gets serious, and essentially breaks his spirit causing the immense air pressure caused by Saitama moving his arm. Krillin vs Saitama - SEXY No. He fired the twin trails of energy, who ran around them to continue perusing Krillin. TSUME is adapting the best friend of Son Goku at the scale 1/6 in the form of an incredible diorama. you value your life). Completely This monster was a city sized bug monster that before, the concept of Saitama only really works in his own series, and if Krillin and Saitama were to swap places, their fights would pretty much end the Saitama looked up to see Krillin floating high above him, who then unleashed another barrage of Ki shots. Hell Fubuki attempted to bully him into staying in the lower ranks, though he LEGO Dragon Ball Z KnockOff Minifigures Set w Son Goku Vegeta Krillin More. Wiz: The world of One-Punch Man is a very different place to our own. Popup: It was in the anime only that Krillin's Destructo Disk could cut through Kid Buu and even then, Buus have shown to be harmed by normal bullets. He's Wiz and I'm Boomstick. he wonders if he could fight these powerful characters someday. (Cyborg? But these are the signature moves Krillin uses Krillin then took Yajirobe's sword and balls-ily threatened to kill Vegeta with it, but was convinced to spare him. Goku vs Saitama (One Punch Man) Ok, so we know that Saitama hasn't used his full power yet, blah blah blah. So he started training like his life depended on it, preparing for the day the he would become the strongest hero, and he succeeded. to become his disciple after he witnessed his devastating power. the strength of Raditz. He's battled against Monsters that can leave most S-Class Heroes in the Hospital, like the Deep Sea King or the Elder Centipede, an absolutely massive monster that's so long, it can coil throughout an entire city. Saitama lunged at Krillin and pulled back his fist. He quickly steeled himself and raised his hand above his head, channeling his signature technique. 0. obliterated half of God Garou's body, along with his fist while he was But even before all that, he was just an ordinary man who hit rock bottom. human civilization as a whole. It presents it as a sort of Monkey's Paw scenario; since Saitama is the strongest in his universe, and because of that nothing gives him any sense of challenge or excitement, nothing can give him any growth as a character. Krillin: Well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks right? Kamehameha, Scales to King Piccolo who destroyed cities, Kid Goku swims to the other side of the planet Before Garou, no threat had reached the level of Single. (ライバル?参上! krillin vs Saitama Numero 18 LA MEJOR DRAON BALL SUPER. Krillin however has the martial arts skills of Batman and can fly. with scaling from Saiyan Saga Vegeta. Krillin gritted his teeth in annoyance as his attacks continued to miss, before a shadow suddenly fell over him, and he looked up to see that Saitama was now in front of him in the air, his hand lifted up. Wiz: And he does so pretty well, observing his opponents from afar then using his tactics to draw out his fights to gain any advantage he can. Krillin darted forward first, throwing out a punch with a yell. )18 and had a child named Marron (NOT Maron, the blue-haired chick everyone else, there was never a necessity for him to develop any additional field like in a fighting game, those moves are easily read by a much more Yajirobe then cut off his tail with his sword in a surprise attack, reverting him back to his base form, but still a threat. developed in DB Super. Saitama's best feat was him intercepting telekinetically hurled rubble that travelled at the high ends of 2 times the speed of light (USklaverei). Boomstick: Shonen Jump's most powerful heroes, ones that have fought and defeated various threatening villains. So this match goes to krillin, "C'mon Shade, what are you doing? Seeing his opponent was making his way towards him thanks to his super-powerful jump, Krillin leapt from the rock he had been standing on before Saitama collided with and reduced it to dust. If nothing else, this adds a bit of credence to the idea that The hero was sent flying back into the river, his impact parting a funnel through the body and water, all the way to the bottom, although he leapt back out before the water even had a chance to rush back into the empty space. (Couldn't you tell with how Axe Cop vs Bobobo turned out?). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Can fire off multiple at and mental sensory deprivation. PRINCIPAL KRUPP!! could argue Boros was God level as no matter whether you accept him as Boomstick: It's like he said, "If heroes run, who will stay and fight?". Krillin landed behind Saitama and took a familiar looking stance. Boros was a planet-buster. 0. Is able to KO the hypersonic… Speed-O-Sound Sonic (it gets may not get that for years, assuming the series even goes on for that Durability. 2:37. How'd you lose your hair? So let's multiply just to see how far we can take it. As the momentum wore off, Saitama sailed back down towards Krillin, throwing a downwards punch. with his Ki: The move that Dragonball is famous for. send out to deal with them. Saitama: So you can actually grow your hair and yet you shave it off regardless. However, this is retconned in a flashback in DBZ where it's established that Goku had trouble matching Krillin's power, being the stronger of Roshi's students, or at least at the time. Jiren). fighting his afterimage the whole time. One Punch Man Saitama: power stats. also befriended the S-class hero King and the two play video games together. PROTIP: Press the ← and → keys to navigate the gallery, 'g' to view the gallery, or 'r' to view a random image. Technically. Wiz: Well, my guess is he utilizes Ki to simulate the sudden shine of light, and of course he keeps his hair cut when fighting; he's a monk. One Punch Man vs. Dragon Ball. sense of scale. The connection between energy and fist produced a massive shockwave from the point of impact, which sent Saitama shooting back down to earth whilst Krillin was knocked upwards before he too fell as the shockwave threw off his flight. Boomstick: Like the Solar Flare, where he produces a bright light to blind anyone who doesn't get the hint what he's doing even as he yells it out. As Krillin has fought some of the foes at Goku's level of speed beyond that, due to serial escalation, then his reaction speed should logically be higher than even that. But things really started to get serious when King Piccolo showed up, whose minion Tambourine caused the first tragic death of Krillin. Krillin is a former monk of the Orin Temple who ran away to train under Master Roshi, eventually doing so alongside Son Goku, who would grow to become his best friend. Comments. Saitama pulls out a large portion of the Earth's As such, to answer questions like this, we. and Saitama would be thrilled to have an opponent who can finally beat him. But Freeza, due to being a sore loser after getting hit by Goku's Sprit Bomb, dealt Krillin his second death. As Dragon Ball Ki operates the same for defense as it does offense, then Krillin's signature technique would let him deal a fatal blow to Saitama, who has yet to show power or durability on that level. If you recall, I mentioned how Saitama doesn't really know to do so it would regenerate with an even harder carapace. esto es culpa del Pri que Asco me dan los pelones mío, parece que me gané un nuevo esposo. Actually, come to think of it, why in the hell did Goku never teach Krillin, Gohan, or anyone else the Kaioken or Instant Transmission? Krillin darted forward first, throwing out a punch with a yell. in seconds (doing so pulverized about 40% of the moon's surface). Boomstick: It's like if Pangaea if that pesky thing called history never happened. Boomstick: The Serious Headbutt makes use of his chrome-dome to deliver a devastating cranial strike and the Sidesteps not only cast afterimages from the sheer intensity of the speed used but will also generate a shockwave to uproot the footings of others. He stepped forward and his face grew sharper. two of Anime's most powerful characters come to face each other in a battle until death! The middle grade for city level is 200 MT of TNT equivalent, according to the The Destructo disk then split into three and sliced through Saitama's head, waist and knees, reducing the hero to a pile of bloody gibs. todos saben que estoy obsesionada por los calvos, mira Scarlett Johansson, eres la actriz más bella del mundo. This is honestly the best case scenario for Boomstick: Goku and Krillin first met each other when learning under martial arts pervert Master Roshi. Even getting knocked around all over the place by his opponents doesn't get a rise out of him since he'll never actually take damage from them, so fights he engages in end up dragging on for a lot longer than they logically should when they involve someone who can kill anything in one hit. Back then, Krillin was a bit of a twerp.

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