We need to support free community college tuition for qualifying students. In many states, this process is controlled by the state legislature, subject to gubernatorial veto.When one party controls the process, this can lead to gerrymandering, where district lines are set to maximize that party’s control in Congress. This should be a key issue in the next legislative session – with a bipartisan approach, we can do what’s best for our citizens. Marijuana, along with all other drugs, should be decriminalized. I have read their testimonies and the suggested remedies, and it is beyond irresponsible for the state to use taxpayer money to countersue over the health and safety of children. As a Latina, the fear I have for our community doesn’t stop at the southern border, but the racist vitriol we have seen played out against Latinos in El Paso and on video after video where Latinos are targeted for speaking Spanish or simply for having dark skin. Rick Walker. This means, for example, our local workforce commissions must be available to help guide people to opportunities for re-training or other short-term employment. The Texas Economic Stabilization Fund ("Rainy Day Fund") is the state's emergency savings account. At the same time, regulating and taxing a marijuana industry would provide the state with much-needed tax revenue. Retraining is part of this new and needed workforce but college debt is a major factor in the decision making process for all students. Texas State Representative - District 106 Select candidates from the list below to compare their answers to our questionnaire: Voting for this election ended Nov. 3, 2020. House District 135 turned blue in 2018 after Rep. Jon Rosenthal beat incumbent Republican Rep. Gary Elkins. For leaders, it starts with listening with new intention and understanding that racism comes in many forms. Texas voters elected state representatives in all 150 of the state house's districts. Candidates for federal office must file a federal application (PDF). Texas voters elected state representatives in all 150 of the state house's districts. We should work to ensure that individuals from the oil and gas industry that lost their jobs or were impacted by COVID more directly have the opportunity to find other avenues of employment. As a society and as a nation, our collective goal must be ending racism. COVID-19 has shown that the health of all Texans is intertwined. This will support school work and keeping students engaged even under these difficult circumstances and supports long-term health and mental wellness. Our bi-partisan efforts to rein in rising property taxes during the 2019 session resulted in historic property tax reform that will deliver a $5 billion reduction in property taxes statewide, and a new 3.5% trigger on property tax rate increases without a citizen vote. Texas has a real opportunity to prioritize long-term learning and career growth that ensures the state has the kind of workforce it will need in the decades to come. As a former Medicaid recipient, I know what it means to rely on this crucial service. It’s showing up. The 2020 Texas House of Representatives elections took place as part of the biennial United States elections. 46, Address: After the 2020 Census, redistricting will occur, with congressional districts redrawn for the 2022 through 2030 elections. Serving as an example is the first step, and so I have made sure that communications with this district have included me in a mask. My plan for recovery is based in science and takes seriously the input of health officials, considers the perspectives of teachers and parents with regards to school openings, is focused on making sure our small businesses can find the relief they need, and one that takes in to consideration the role a representative actually has in a crisis such as this. I support legislation to help the state acquire affordable stockpiles of PPE, and I support extended research for a vaccine--some of which is being occuring right here in Texas. Questions are included below only if there is at least one response. The last Democratic presidential candidate to carry the state … Like many Americans, I was sickened and saddened watching the video of the killing of George Floyd. The 2020 Texas House of Representatives elections took place as part of the biennial United States elections. MJ Hegar Democratic 2020 Senate Challenger (2020 race) Sema Hernandez Democratic 2020 Senate Challenger (2020 race) Beto O`Rourke Democratic candidate for President; Texas Senator nominee (2018 race) Cristina Tzintzun Ramirez Democratic Senate challenger (2020 race) Emily Sanchez Green Party Senate challenger (2014 race) TX state election office. I support free movement of labor and capital across national boundaries. If we want to get our economy back on track, we should be invested in ensuring that all of our fellow citizens have access to basic medical care. P.O. ... (including full day Pre-K), and slowed the growth of property taxes. Featured Candidates General Election, Nov 3, 2020 Gary Thomas Gary Don Thomas is running for State Representative, District 62, against Reggie Smith, because “I want a better quality life for all of us in District 62. Our local response has been led by Judge Clay Jenkins and the Dallas County Health Department, and their leadership is to be commended as are the issuances of stay at home orders and mask mandates. Directory of Texas elections. I think the state can support the energy industry by getting out of the way. I’m running for state representative because we need to make Texas work better by investing in public education, flood control, and better access to health care. November 3, 2020 Texas General Election: Explore the election contests and ballot measures with candidate pictures bios, position statements and links to social media. That said, protecting citizens is a core function of government, and the safety and security of our citizens is a very real issue that impacts all Texans. That includes talking with and gaining support from actual physicians and those on the front lines fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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