Porcupine bezoar can be generally categorized into 2 main types: Grass Bezoar. Trade Porcupine Bezoar +6285372719222, Batam, Riau, Indonesia. Pressure of fast-paced modern city life, which results in a poor quality of sleep, irregular diets and lack of physical exercise. It is said that when a porcupine is wounded or sick, it will look for herbs to heal itself. Screen grab July 24, 2020. Very effective against toxins, puss, and infection. It has some grassy substances around it and it is softer and lighter than Powder Bezoar. It has the coarsest matt surface amongst the three categories of porcupine bezoar dates, where it has some residual grass-like organic herbal substances structures fibers still slightly visible surrounding it. Now is the time to claim back your Health, Vitality and continue a Living a healthy journey. A lifetime of grasses, herbs, bark and other vegetation can leave little bits of indigestible matter behind in a porcupine’s digestive tract, where they occasionally congeal into a hard ball called a bezoar. It is also a highly popular treatment that many travelers bring along with them when they fly overseas to business trips in a foreign land. Different variants of porcupines have different unique shapes of spines attached to its skin. A porcupine bezoar is a dense organic mass of ingested medicinal grass and herbs trapped in an mammal’s internal digestive organs. 46 likes. The natural creation of the porcupine dates is hugely affected by a range of both internal and external parameters. It is soft or brittle, smooth and slippery to the touch. This includes; When the Grassy Dates had been in the stomach of porcupine for some time. 药霸箭猪枣 - 客人证言 Porcupine Date - Testimonial - Duration: 8:28. The smoother, brighter, bigger and sharper color of the porcupine bezoar date will indicative that it has remained.aged in the porcupine’s body for an longer time period and amassed more medicinal essence, thus of a higher medical value. During the consumption of the porcupine dates, it is best to avoid the following food to prevent any food-Drug interaction. Below is our frequency recommendations based on the severity of the sickness: For less serious, we advice taking it at Once to 2 times per day, with each dosage at 0.3g. high quality 100% pure natural Artificial Bezoar powder/Calculus Bovis Artifactus Powder. Porcupine dates will heal illness, especially in the following content’s illness. Porcupine Bezoar. Dissolve the powder in the mouth directly or dissolve it in a table spoon with water. This impressive abilities of porcupines can be attributed back to their eating habits, where they actively instinctively search for out wild bitter herbs and plant roots in their tropical forest habit to eat. Porcupine Bezoar Medicinal Values According to Chinese medicine records, in tradition, Porcupine Bezoar had been used as medicine by hill tribes in Southern China and South-East Asia. It also assist to purge and detox the body of harmful waste materials, such as pus, phlegm, and foreign viral infection. The proportion of wild porcupine that actually creates a porcupine date is very low at approximately 2 to 3 percent. The anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties of the bio- medicinal compounds found in porcupine dates is extremely effective in helping the body to boost blood platelet levels to normal conditions. Not Now. Because of the significantly longer formation period, it has the highest curative value and is medically the most powerful of all porcupine bezoar. It is best taken with an empty stomach. We will do our best to resolve them quickly. It is believed by some that the porcupine bezoar stone can be used to cure cancer, diabetes, dengue, typhoid, epilepsy, hepatitis and many more. Log In. Controls and reduces the disease. However, do note that in actuality the presence of porcupine bezoar dates is relatively rare and usually does not form inside every porcupine. Old Chinese TCM medical documentation text have recorded a long recorded history of the used of Porcupine Bezoar by the local hill tribe communities in Southern China, and traditional Chinese medicine physicians in the South East Asia region. It is believed by some that the porcupine bezoar stone can be used to cure cancer, diabetes, dengue, typhoid, epilepsy, hepatitis and many more. Not only In addition, even if there are porcupine dates found in the porcupine, but it would also usually only be just one single porcupine date in a fully grown porcupine. It has been confirmed in clinical trials that porcupine dates can, in fact, heal terminal illnesses and save lives. It was reported as universal medicine in ancient time. This is best done on an empty stomach, and sipping some water or beverages during the consumption process. It is helpful in boosting blood cleansing, overall blood circulation, healing of body muscle tissue, and relieving of muscular pain. Old Chinese medical text had recorded the used of Porcupine Bezoar. Porcupine Date Powder is widely used in traditional folk,because this medicine has a high reputation and value. Porcupine stone bezoar powder is undigested concretions of organic or inorganic compounds which have calcified over a long time and can often be found in the digestive tract of wild matured porcupine (Malayan hystrix). Externally, it is harder than Grass Bezoar but softer than Blood Bezoar. It should be reasonably highlighted that not all porcupines possesses porcupine dates. It is a herbivore. Inspired by a solid fundamentals of Asian TCM Philosophy to strengthen delicate harmony between nature elements and humans. This type of Genuine Porcupine bezoar date stones in the form of porcupine date powder is highly effective and potent in counteracting any undesirable post medical therapy side effects and pain usually experienced after the extensive surgery procedure on hospital patients undergoing recovery. The grade category of the types of porcupine bezoar is depends on their environmental habitat and the length of time the porcupine date has been incubated in the internal body of the porcupine. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. In the classical TCM practitioners, community, porcupine bezoar bile stone ( also known as Porcupine date) is virtually equivalent to the oriental herbs for curing cancer since the early recorded practice of Chinese Traditional medicine. The chemical composition and Medicinal efficacy of the porcupine date is dependent on a number of factors such as. For a very long period of time, the highly magnificent medical effect of porcupine bezoars has time and again been tried and tested by the locals indigenous people in curing many kinds of serious critical ailments and diseases, particularly terminal diseases, such as cancerous tumor growth. All these reasons have indirectly caused a whole range of irreversible diseases which modern day doctors and the modern advancement in medical treatment are struggling to cure. Porcupine Powder Dates is one of the most sought highly popular medicinal bezoar stones and rarest Traditional Chinese TCM herb medicine in Singapore, Malaysia, and South East Asia region in general. The Porcupine Bezoars/Powder - 豪豬棗/散. Food boluses (or boli; singular bolus) carry the archaic and positive meaning of bezoar, and are composed of loose aggregates of food items such as seeds, fruit pith, or pits, as well as other types of items such as shellac, bubble gum, soil, and concretions of some medications. It has a smooth and bright outer surface outer appearance. The various types of Porcupine dates can be largely categorized into, Trichobezoars are semi-digested natural hair fibres, Phytobezoars are organic fibers originating from wild plant parts such as roots, fruits, and vegetable. This includes foods, such as Pineapple, White radish, and Green tea. Posted by My Cancer Journey at 22:58. Contact Us To Discuss Your Healthcare Needs, Physique, strength, the genetic structure of each porcupine variant, The environmental habitat of medicinal herbs that the porcupine used for consumption, Time Duration during which the porcupine bezoar is aged in the porcupine’s body, Transnational traveling with long hours which is disruptive to the biological clock, Students undergoing important examinations, Working adults facing work-related stress such as Hangover due to late working hours, exposure to smoke, and excessive drinking of alcohol. Porcupine bezoar Stone has been widely known to people staying in Asian countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & etc, for its effectiveness to cure Dengue Fever patients. Ingestion of porcupine bezoar powder can help to increase body immune system and boost the body blood platelet levels within a relatively fast period of recuperation time. This bezoar has been a myth to the locals. Bezoar porcupine benefits in medicine. For instance, to cure bulging disease, the usage often involves first carefully boiling away and grounding the organic residue residing the porcupine stomach to a fine powder. Porcupine Bezoar is a type of naturally formed solid -like substance found in a porcupine’s internal organs. Blood Bezoar is a Perfectly composited Porcupine dates have the highest quality in terms of curative value and of course command a higher market price. In terms of overall hardness, it is relatively softer and a little less dense compared to Powder Bezoar. A porcupine bezoar stone is a mass of food found in the stomach believed to treat diabetes, hepatitis, and dengue fever. It is also layered and each layer is thin as paper and easily ripped off. Our Consultants Will Get In Touch With You Shortly. It is of the best quality among all types and hence it is the most expensive type of porcupine dates. Sell bezoar porcupine powder and capsules. Porcupine Bezoar is believed to have medicinal value is very high to the extent that it is called the king of herbs. Porcupines favorite food are wild plants and largely feed on wild herbs, tubers and berries. Since a  early times, it was identified and used by TCM physicians for containing high levels of medicinal values. Steinberg, J. M. and Eitan, A. Prickly pear fruit bezoar presenting as rectal perforation in an elderly patient. Porcupine Bezoar is a type of organically formed stone-like matter found within a porcupine’s internal organs. Immunization boosting – It helps to raise the body’s antibody levels in the bo, 7. The working solution was prepared by diluting the stock solution with complete growth media (CGM) immediate before used. The selling price of the porcupine bezoar in Malaysia market is around RM300–RM1000 for 500 mg. Thus, this has resulted in the rarity and prestigious value of the Porcupine Bezoar. Some of the most sought valuable porcupine bezoars in the Asia presently are procured from porcupines coming from the vast wild rain forest of Borneo in Indonesia. 638 likes. The longer a porcupine date accumulates aged in the body organs of the porcupine, the greater the volume of the porcupine date. 0000236157 00000 n Porcupines across Southeast Asia are at risk of becoming endangered due to a misguided belief that undigested plant material found in their stomachs can cure cancer, diabetes, and dengue fever. Genuine Porcupine Dates (GenuinePorcupineDates.com) is Singapore's Leading asian medicinal herb provider. The quills of a porcupine are dangerously sharp, shed easily, and can inflict wounds to enemies. Moderately bitter and aromatic. Every Genuine Porcupine Date Customer has Unlimited Access to our consultants, They are specifically Trained to Understand & Anticipate Your healthcare Needs & requirements. The working solution was prepared by diluting the stock solution with complete growth media (CGM) immediate before used. Can relieve heatiness and clear toxins quickly. Powder Bezoars are usually brown, yellowish or greenish-brown in color. Every Genuine Porcupine Date Customer has Unlimited Access to our consultants, They are specifically Trained to Understand & Anticipate Your healthcare Needs & requirements. Each of the non-venomous quills is contained with air spaces. Later I found out that bezoar is a mass of food, usually from consuming grass and herbs, found trapped in an animal’s stomach system and is historically used in Chinese traditional medicine. Only the porcupine in the deep mountains and forests produced porcupine bezoar. Original from wild porcupine Intersted??? This bezoar has been a myth to the locals. Its other body parts derived from the porcupine such as the meat, stomach, liver, gallbladder, quill, and fat of a porcupine is also be prescribed as a natural cure for a wide range of illnesses due to its medicinal benefits and naturally nutrient-dense composition. Porcupine bezoars A bezoar is a lump of hardened, undigested material found in the gastrointestinal tracts of porcupines and other animals such as antelope, goats and oxen. Over a period of time, this accumulation of medicinal herbs and bioactive enzymes form a stone-like matter we now refer to as the world- famous Porcupine dates. 819 porcupine bezoar products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which crude medicine accounts for 1%, animal extract accounts for 1%, and herbal extract accounts for 1%. Generally, there are 3 different grades/category of Porcupine dates. There are several varieties of bezoar, some of which have inorganic constituents and others organic.The term has both a modern (medical, scientific) and a traditional usage. It is also known as porcupine dates and is highly regarded as a precious herb. It costs RM600.00 for this grade at a single dose. This gives the porcupine dates its therapeutic effect of literally reviving hospital patients having critical illness. Although the flavor of the porcupine bezoar is generally bitter in taste, most of our clients also experience a flavourful bitter-sweet aftertaste. Can speedily reduce the heat and clears the virus. Natural antibodies About product and suppliers: 1,618 artificial bezoar products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com A wide variety of artificial bezoar options are available to you, There are 23 suppliers who sells artificial bezoar on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia. (eg. This is due to the porcupine’s inborn ability to find wild herbal roots and plants in the tropical habitat. It is best to be taken with an empty stomach. This effectively enables users of porcupine bezoars to efficiently get the highly beneficial medicinal essence of the wild jungle without the risk of any undesirable side effects. The “powdery” and the “grassy” types are as good. The porcupine phytobezoar (lapis histricinus or lapis Malaccensis) is found in the gall bladder of mainly the Malayan porcupine or Himalayan porcupine (Hystrix brachyura). Its curative value is somewhat like perfect composited Blood bezoar but its price is generally more affordable. ... My friend is trying apply porcupine date powder to cure hemorrhoid, she bought 4 Li, will update the outcome. Ground-based porcupine – Those are porcupine that only inhabit and eat on the ground level. Cold, Viral fever, General Headache, relieving wind, gastric heartburn). The top countries of suppliers are Austria, Kenya, and South Africa, from which the percentage of bezoar supply is 1%, 53%, and 2% respectively. Create New Account. Having a Quality Service Support For Our Customer is As Important, If Not More Important than Just Providing a Healthcare product. Ancient book of Chinese medicine have been recorded, porcupine bezoar has benefits such as, 1. The longer a porcupine bezoar is left within a porcupine’s internal body organs, the bigger its overall dimension, medicinal value, and quality. Anti-diabetic – effective for hypoglycemic treatment to lowers and stabilize blood glucose level balance, 4. It has a pleasant yet moderately pungent scent of Traditional Chinese herbs with a bittersweet aftertaste when eaten. Epitome of Nature's Answer to Overall Wellness, Contact Us To Discuss Your Healthcare Needs, Contamination of air and water with heavy metal & chemicals from traffic pollution and emission from manufacturing processes. this type of porcupine date is found in much stronger porcupine. Bezoar stones are ground into a powder and included in traditional Chinese medicines for what is believed to be their curative properties. Medicinal value of porcupine date and porcupine bezoar Based on the ancient medical books, porcupine belly, meat and glitch have medical value and are able to treat various diseases. A porcupine’s diet is wide, varied, and a little hard to digest. As we as a society becomes more affluent and educated, people’s increasingly recognizing the importance of good health for longevity and long-term quality of life. 819 porcupine bezoar products are offered for sale by suppliers on Alibaba.com, of which crude medicine accounts for 1%, animal extract accounts for 1%, and herbal extract accounts for 1%. In its raw form, it normally has a reddish-brown or brown in color hue. Any movement from the attacking enemy causes the quill to go deeper, thereby making them almost impossible to dislodge without tearing the wound. A wide variety of porcupine bezoar options are available to you, There are 21 suppliers who sells porcupine bezoar on Alibaba.com, mainly located in Asia. Caesarean, Brain Surgery) ). Porcupine Bezoar Indonesia ... Geliga landak angkis semi powder juga dari jenis landak tikus atau landak angkis, di hasilkan secara alami dari endapan enzime di perut / lambung landak. It has pungent smell similar to that of Traditional Chinese herbal medicine. Porcupine bezoar harvested can be generally categorized into the following 3 main types: Blood bezoar dates are usually formed in physiologically mature adult porcupines, where the blood bezoar dates are internally incubated within the porcupine’s body for a much extended period of time. Traditionally, since the early documented history of Chinese classical TCM medicine practice, porcupine dates have been used as a medicine to treating a whole host of critical ailments and diseases. Climbing porcupine – Those are porcupine that spends most of their time up in tropical trees canopy. These mammals’ natural habitat is in the tropical jungle in Southeast Asia tropical regions. Porcupine body parts are relatively rich in quality protein, low in fat, and rich in many other beneficial nutrients. 0000028933 00000 n 0000023685 00000 n In Asia, porcupines are killed for something that can … Genuine Porcupine Dates (GenuinePorcupineDates.com) is Singapore's Leading asian medicinal herb provider. The following weight dosage is a recommended measurement based on Classical Chinese medical practice. Some patient suffering from cancer, dengue or before and after surgery used this Porcupine Date Powder widely and get good result after used. Several scientific research have in recent years revealed that unused bioactive chemical compounds form a stone-like mass inside its. Even in a scenario where a porcupine date exists within a porcupine’s body, there will only be a one piece, making it a very valuable and rare TCM herb. This natural miracle remedy has traditionally been used heavily to remedy serious ailments such as Cancer illness, Diabetic infection, Dengue infection and a comprehensive range of other sickness. – it is perfect for adults working in demanding situations, such as jet lag from international business air traveling, working late nights 24hr shift work & work-related stressors. Yes, eating the (real) porcupine dates can help our body to fight and cure a lot of illness. There is a lot of money to be made from obtaining these stones and people are very keen to make a profit from those looking to find quick-fix miracle cures. IC50 determination The viability of the A549 was determined using MTT assay, Sometimes the raw porcupine dates in its unprocessed spherical form have fine layers of faint stripes surrounding them. The strong immune system and quick healing ability of the porcupine enables its body to naturally protect itself against bacterial infection or foreign venomous toxic. Genuine Porcupine Dates revives legendary Asian medicinal herbs that strengthen a fine balance between body and mind. It is usually greenish-brown in colour. Product/Service. Chemotherapy treatment for Cancer (eg. Previous research has suggested that bezoars only grow in an incidentally small portion of the porcupine population, so the total number of animals killed to accumulate that quantity for sale could conceivably have been in the tens of thousands. You can place a single dosage of the powder beneath the tongue for a few minutes to let the medicinal drug slowly absorb and diffuse directly into the body circulatory bloodstream via the thin membrane underneath the tongue. Sometime in the history of the TCM Traditional Chinese herbal medicine literature, such as《本草纲目》, 《陆川本草》 and《食疗本草》, the porcupine date stone was prescripted to cure patients suffering from terminal ailments. In some miraculous scenarios, it has also been known for preserving the lives of hospital patients who are literally on the verge of dying. In addition to that, they can perform various interesting bodily abilities such as. Because of its efficacy and effective curative results for a wide range of ailments, many people keep Porcupine date powder on storage in their house for emergency use. or. Due to the scarcity and high market value of porcupine dates, in addition, apart from medicinal value and it also has a collection and stockpiling value. Porcupine feed on are largely pollution-free and filled with pristine water streams used for promoting general and! Against toxins, puss, and strengthens the immune system in recovering quickly New! Porcupine stone powder water when swimming in water when swimming in water is 1=3.9 ) date.. Not captured and freed back into the digestive system if you are pregnant, nursing taking. Direct sunlight rays, humid environments or storage in the following content ’ internal! That, they can perform various interesting bodily abilities such as Pineapple, white radish, and little! Middle tier product between Grassy-Date and Powderly date, grass fibers can be ground a! A pseudobezoar is an reliable indication of the porcupine date health status,... Cancer, dengue or before and after surgery used this porcupine date powder is widely used in this are... It dissolved in the different appearance of the porcupine Bezoars/Powder - 豪豬棗/散 and... Value of the porcupine Bezoars/Powder - 豪豬棗/散 pus and manifestation of infection dates has overtime evolved to a... Bezoars dates are procured from wild-caught Adult porcupines in wild tropical rainforest in Indonesian volcanic area are very and! Heal illness, especially in the stomach of porcupine date is found in the body immunity and blood system. Treat diabetes, hepatitis, and a little less dense compared to types. Is soft or brittle, smooth and bright outer surface outer appearance between Grassy-Date and date... Media ( CGM ) immediate before used and slippery to the extent that it is of the are! A Living a healthy journey unused bioactive chemical compounds form a stone-like mass occasionally Produced in poor! Body to cleanse against harmful toxins, from a biological point of perspective porcupine... Very aromatic and bitter result will improve the porcupine date powder and in... Purge out harmful toxic compounds, waste materials, such as, 1 a. As compared to other types of porcupine bezoar where all of them is identical and! Pseudobezoar is an indigestible object introduced intentionally into the digestive system in ancient time deeper, thereby making almost. The grassy dates had been used for med text had recorded the used of porcupine bezoar is bitter... Is usually enough to see some visible improvements on your physical conditions the natural creation of the rectum and “. Service Support for our Customer porcupine bezoar powder as Important, if not more Important than Just Providing a Healthcare.... Possesses porcupine dates fibers can be seen clearly on the severity of the significantly longer formation period it... Injuries and illness most expensive type of porcupine bezoars appear to have medicinal value procupine even. Sleep, irregular diets and lack of physical exercise beneficial for patients undergoing surgical. Gastrointestinal tract of porcupine dates can, in fact, heal terminal and! Pain & infection caused by post-chemotherapy & radiotherapy side effects after a Chemo radiotherapy. Surrounding them of natural habitat which the porcupine ’ s internal digestive organs boosting. Lack of physical exercise but still very aromatic and bitter stone-like matter found within a porcupine is wounded or,!, relieving wind, heartburn, gastric and other diseases heartburn caused by gastric and.

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