Redbreast 12 yr is not bad per se. The spice notes seem to play around but never take over, the sherry brings a sweetness that is so Irish it will have you singing after a few drinks, the oak influence together with the sherry brings a little drying on the finish. Smooth, complex, delightful. Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Batch B2/19, Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Batch B1/19, Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Batch B1/18, Redbreast 16 Year Old 2001 Single Cask (Master of Malt), Redbreast 12 Year Old Cask Strength - Batch B1/17. Thank youYou have been added to our mailing list. Just awesome try this if you haven't already! As an Irishman, i feel like a turncoat saying this, but it's good, not great. I've drink the Irish whiskey commonly available in the states all my life and I prefer Irish Whiskeys to others. I love regular Redbreast 12 and was excited to experience the CS. Best Irish whiskey I have had, live in Indiana, great Irish roots!, only wish we could trace them. I'd rather have this than just about anything. Our signature bottling, Redbreast 12 boasts the flavour complexity and distinctive qualities of Pot Still whiskey. From Midleton distillery in Ireland, it is made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley, then triple distilled in copper pot stills. A nice start, I’d say.......I expected more alcohol bite but was surprised by the smoothness. Everything your reviews say about this whiskey is absolutely true. Varying my whiskey tasting I luckily came across this gem. Fantastic whiskey. Single Pot Still whiskeys are also known as Pure Pot Still, a traditional yet rare Irish way of making whiskey … You cannot go wrong adding this as a go to for sipping whiskey. Well, I don't know what to say.. Gets in your system like soothing cream. This Bundle Includes: Redbreast 12 Year Old, Engraved Personalisation, Redbreast Glasses, 20% Experience Discount for a Friend. The home of Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish whiskey. Please click here for more details. Classic single pot still style... thick, rich and delicious. Shop Redbreast 12 Yr Irish Whiskey at the best prices. A true sipping whiskey. Order online Redbreast 12 Year Old Irish Whiskey (750 ML) on I was surprised when a friend insisted I share a bottle of Redbreast with him. Unsubscribe at any time. Great gift from daughter's boyfriend. The first ever Redbreast Single Cask to be released in Ireland and it is a Celtic Whiskey Shop Exclu.. €290.20 Ex Tax: €239.84 Buy Now This dram intrigues me, it is deep and complex and very enjoyable. On the up side it is mild and smooth. It's a smooth easy drinking whiskey, and I'm happy to have added it to my collection for the occasional change from scotch. Nuts and citrus (peel and juice) with hints of marzipan, dried fruits and a hint of Sherry. My wife and I recently toured Ireland and sampled what we believed to be some of the best Irish whiskies available ( Green Spot, Connemara, Writers Tears, Lockes, Teeling S Grain...). Since then have bought several more. Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey Be the first to review this product An all-time Irish Whiskey classic! Wonderful on ice. Overall, it tastes like a cognac, which is perfectly fine. Get it as soon as Thu, Dec 24. & all that, but you shouldn't be judging Irish Pot Stilled against Single Malt Scotch anyway.A solid 8/10 in the price bracket. Usually I stick to Scottish single malts but now and again I venture further afield to try something different - on this occasion, Redbreast 12. Beautiful aromas of fresh baked pears, rolled oat biscuits, pine resin, and orange chutney. A complex spicy and fruity aroma with toasted wood notes evident. It's great. The palate itself is not interesting either, TWE say it's full bodied with 4/5 in richness. Redbreast is a whiskey that’s easy to enjoy and, again, essential to try if you really want to experience the true range that Irish whiskeys have to offer. Formerly Redbreast 12 Year Old Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey was labeled as Pure Pot Still.. Prices vary based on delivery destination (it's a tax thing), so please change it if you're not shipping within Italy as it might affect the price! A lot of toffee with some cinnamon and spices, a slight hint of smoke, and a nice oily mouthfeel. Redbreast 12 year old Cask Strength review This Redbreast 12 year old is an cask strength Irish Single Pot Still whiskey from New Middleton distillery . Made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley and then triple distilled in copper pot stills, Redbreast 12 boasts the flavour complexity and distinctive qualities of Pot Still whiskey. It comes in with a little burn but quickly mellows down to render a creamy and complex assortment of flavours. If I didn't see the bottle, I would have thought that I was drinking a Balvenie 12 Double Wood, which is something I like very much. Hazelnut, varnish, caramel, vanilla, nutty overall. I am mostly a Speyside Scotch drinker but really love a good Irish. And it's marketed at the Yankee Tourist to boot, what with all that over the top nostalgia trip stuff on the box & leaflet.But hey opinion is objective & we all have our own. I get what everyone is saying about apple, vanilla, caramel, and amaretto...incredible...I love it! For a twelve year old this is absolutely fabulous. ... Irish Whiskey … Smooth, rich and delicious, a great sipping whiskey and a solid example of the widely admired single pot still variety. I mentioned to the bartender that I drink Jameson and asked what he recommended I try, he told me about Redbreast. … I stumbled across this whiskey and really enjoyed it. Fabulous whiskey. The Irish take real pride in their Whiskey and for good reason. Love it. I like this whiskey very much and when I finish my bottle, I’ll be replacing it. So I found myself in Ireland and went for a little whisky tasting and history at a pub with my brother-in-law. Very smooth. Sweetest smoothest whiskey I have ever tasted. smooth as a cheerleaders thigh! I agree this is close to Balvenie, but just a bit more tasty! Redbreast 12 Year Old Our signature bottling, Redbreast 12 boasts the flavour complexity and distinctive qualities of Pot Still whiskey. I have never had anything that really compares in the price range. Mmmm, this is a fine whisky which I have enjoyed immensely. Copyright © 2020 Master of Malt. Tasting Redbreast 12 Redbreast 12 Cask Strength Made from a mash of malted and unmalted barley and then triple distilled in copper pot stills, Redbreast 12 boasts the flavour complexity and distinctive qualities of Pot Still whiskey. The nose holds aromas of sweet … Its sumptuous, luxurious, mouth watering heaven. Nose: A … I usually enjoy bourbon, but Red Breast has a special complexity without the harsh edge of say a knob creek. After all the history and such we finally got to the tasting and the Redbrest stood out to us both. Excellent drink. In a nut shell Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is whiskey … Special offers, recommendations and expert advice to your inbox! Ordered it this time yesterday, delivered and opened and tasted in about 24 hours, it was recommended to me and I like it lots, tried a drop without water and a drop with, I think it needs a little water, an angels tear drop, as once described to me, is enough, lets see if my opinion changes as I work my way down the bottle. You turn it over in your mouth forever. The quintessential Single Pot Still Whiskey from Ireland has the second highest ratio of unmalted barely from Midleton Distillery. I like this whiskey a whole lot. I drink mostly Scotch but also have ten Bourbons on the go and quite a few Irishmen. Just sip slowly and enjoy the flavor. Eine gute Gelegenheit die Flasche zu öffnen. This is one of my all time favourites. My problem with this whiskey was the hype/expectation.It is a good whiskey, but i'd rather pay an extra £5 for the Powers Johns Lane any day. Stores and prices for 'Redbreast 12 … better, even, than Middleton master distillers reserve. I’m a relative novice with regards to whiskey, this is by far the best I have tasted so far. That information will be held by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy It’s a beautiful dessert of a drink. I actually found this bottle in my local grocers!! Want Redbreast 12 Year Old for Christmas? 01. Matured in a combination of bourbon and sherry casks, the distinctive Redbreast sherry style … More herbaceous notes are already developing in my glass: yarrow, catnip tea (a member of the mint family), black liquorice and chicory root. I found all the various tasting notes available to be pretty spot-on so no point in repeating everything here but I did think it was better without any water added, probably because it's only 40% and I'm more used to Scottish malts at 46% and upwards. There is a slight salty coastal note, and the unmalted barley is pasty and delicious. Matured in a … I have converted a few die hard Scotch drinkers to this smoother and tastier whiskey ! Unbelievable! I like my whisk(e)y just a little stronger so prefer the 15 year old which is of course richer and a little more mellow. Amazing aroma taste is gentle and exciting, like nothing I have rated before. Redbreast 12 … The best whiskey. Red Breast is a favorite of mine and goes well with a cigar after a meal. It is, for me, an after-dinner drink or a whiskey to celebrate a successful day’s field sport at dusk. I am no expert. I was given this as part of a Duty-Free package and I can;t wait to go back to Dublin to visit the family and pick up a bottle of it. Excellent single pot still example from Redbreast. I started off with a dark stout with delicious coffee notes. I would love to try the other Redbreast maturations; for now I'm happy to sup on this masterful whiskey every holiday season. For the price, here in Romania, it's a masterpiece! With the addition of an ice cube, the liquid becomes syrupy, a slight citrus flavour and the brandy influence remains.As a lover of single malt scotch this is not encouraging me to check out more Irish. But why don't just drink cognac? We can't actually ship Redbreast 12 Year Old to you in Italy right now. Redbreast Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is distilled at Midleton Distillery located in Midleton, County Cork, Ireland which also produces Jameson and Tullamore Dew. ... redbreast whiskey 12 year old irish whiskey … Excellent .. Im a Jameson drinker I think it does have a slight brandy taste but a great tasting whiskey. Yes, it's an amazingly, beautiful, gorgeous whiskey. Cheers! In the 1980s, the brand was purchased by Irish Distillers, the producer of Jameson Irish whiskey.It is the largest selling single pot still Irish whiskey … Maybe you can get a bigger bang for your buck by spreading your spend elsewhere, but if it's within your easy spending budget, it's lovely. My current favorite. (It's a big statement for a 12 yr old whisky btw)The mouthfeel is not oily as they say, I wasn't expecting it to be either because it is chill filtered. The name 'Redbreast' itself refers to the bird, … As Scottish malt whisky fan, I have never tasted an Irish whisky I found comparable until I was given a Redbreast 12yr old for Christmas. I've always been a regular Jameson guy in the past when I fancy a bit of Irish, but this is much better, however as it's twice the price I'd expect it to be. I've only just opened this bottle and no doubt it will further develop and blossom, (I usually don't give a review until I've gone through at least one bottle)-- but this has all the hallmarks of outstanding development over time after opening (bottle breathing, ie; desirable oxydization development) ...I am confident in recommending this one to anyone who's not put off by minty whiskies. 80 proof, 12 year old Irish Whiskey, distilled in a single pot still. First sip of whisky.....ever. Not a bad thing just apparent. But Redbreast 12 yr has an underlying bitterness which, to me, feels "off" in a whiskey.If I was given a free lifetime supply of Irish whiskey, I'd choose Jameson or Powers Gold Label over Redbreast 12 yr. Even though it actually wasn't that bad, I'm disappointed since I don't like brandy. The first thing I notice upon opening a new bottle is some very attractive menthol notes on the nose: predominantly wintergreen, créme de menthe, peppermint...spearmint plays hide and seek. that's awfully boorish. Very smooth. I've always felt Irish whiskey to be a bit light in style and not offering anything a I can't get from a ordinary Speyside single malt. Slips down too easily. Introducing our spokes bird, Robin Redbreast. Die Flasche stand einige Zeit in meinem Schrank. Redbreast 12 is a must-try for that unique toothy quality. Whiskey tasting night with the boys. Smooth and relaxing !! Love Redbreast! Flavors of soft vanilla, heather, chestnut, hearty oak, spiced orange peel and gingersnaps. Smooth and very drinkable, but tastes too much like brandy, prefer a more straighforward whiskey taste. This gives way to green apple and a kick of spiceness that is pleasant Bunna 12 is close to it in profile but after having completed a comparison, I conclude the Bunna to be more balanced and better. It's a fine Irish Whiskey, but please don't try and describe it like a red wine!

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