| © 2020 Turkish Airlines. Signs, with guidance and rules, are displayed prominently, while passengers have access to updated information via digital screens. I will update. There is no reason to do it just yet as you have until March 16 (for flights booked before March) and the OTAs may adjust. Thanks! Everyone: take a look at KLM’s statements “Our website offers a self-service option for re-booking. var F15558_sb_wait=setInterval(F15558_sb_wait_fn,100); var F15560_pop_requiredFields=new Array();var F15560_pop_validateFields=new Array(); For all tickets purchased after that, you can make the change anytime you want later, as long as it is up to 5 days prior to the flight. After getting busy signal from US call center for past three days, I called their main office in Turkey and got a rep fairly quickly who was very courteous and helped me reachedule our flights. Autonomous ultraviolet systems are used to clean the terminal, as well as other points, such as escalators, that are frequently used by passengers. I’ve now been told via e-mail by Flighthub that I can cancel my Turkish Airlines tickets to India We tried calling Turkish airlines and Expedia through which we had bought the tickets but no one picked up. *Sigh*. Change requests can be performed through the Turkish Airlines sales offices, call center, online channels (for international flight tickets only) and the agencies from which the ticket was purchased. I thought that was a brilliant suggestion, but no luck. F15558_sb_requiredFields.push('F15558_sb_email'); I cannot even get through to Aegean over hours of trying and I spent 2 hours on hold with Chase’s travel department. And now Ukraine has closed its borders to foreign air traffic for 2 weeks, allowing only citizens to return. They promised me a full refund and even emailed me confirmation. Do you think I should I take them up on their offer or wait and see if they change their policy? For ex, there is no travel advisory from CDC for flights between US – IST – IND. Thanks, Ed! var F15558_sb_wait_img=fbz_formMetrics(15558,1); Contactless systems have been installed in the Istanbul Airport for the necessary procedures and disinfectants are placed at all crossing points. It is possible to carry two birds, two cats or two dogs familiar with each other in the same cage provided that our maximum weight limit of 8 kg is not exceeded. This site uses cookies. F15558_sb_requiredFields.push('F15558_sb_feedid'); I want a full refund i need money pls help me. My mom is elderly and can’t travel now due to the Corona virus. Thanks. I only see an option to “change” when I login to my record locator – when I try I’m being charged a change free online? } fbz$('F15560_pop_wait_img').innerHTML=F15560_pop_wait_img; There’s a special page on the Turkish Airlines site and app for coronavirus-related refunds. Indian Government announced Visa holders, and PIO card holders will be denied boarding at departure which could be Istanbul or US, depending on how Turkish staff are handling this case. COVID-19 control measures for air, land, and sea travel continue. Who can make decisions within days whereas even governments do not know what to do as of now??? That is awesome news! Would love to know if i’m missing something! No money yet returned. Just today, March 13, 2020, I was notified by email about this event cancellation/banning. The IGA Hygiene Team, operating since the beginning of the pandemic, regularly conducts inspections ensure that these rules and protocols are followed. Am still waiting for over 10 days now! Please!!! Ultraviolet systems are also used for passport and luggage cleaning. var fbz_F15560_pop_logged=false; And I got it in writing. What are the Northern Lights? Since Japanese residents via European city might be rejected on board at Frankfurt airport and further Croatia announced restriction on moving, so we are thinking to change/postpone our schedule. I figured it out – I took the 011 off and added +90 for their regular number. Added to the UNESCO World Heritage list, Göbeklitepe, is located 22km Northeast from Şanlıurfa in Örencik Village. clearInterval(F15560_pop_wait); As well, the compliance of maintenance staff with sanitation rules is regularly audited. It appears an intentional and scripted denial of publicized policy regarding corona virus allowances. To find out about countries that Turkish Airlines flies to that are currently being affected by Coronavirus, check this link. 3 Things to Consider Before Traveling Internationally During Covid-19, A Serious iPhone Scam on eBay - How I Beat It (and Then Lost and Won Again! I booked Business Class flights for my wife and I from Kuala Lumpur to London. In January I booked a roundtrip flight from New York to Lviv, Ukraine that departs the 26th of March and returns 29 April. They removed the clause that the change has to be done by Mar 16. I bought tickets prior to March 5, so I called TA to inquire about changing. If you’d like to change your ticketed flight, your first change request will be applied free of charge. All calls to Turkish Airlines are unsuccessful in achieving a change as offered on their website. On the rare instance that the line is not busy, reaching a representative has been frustrating. For myself and my daughter, they are waiving $300 in fees so that is significant. Since Expedia is involved, it makes it much more tricky. I hope someone can help me too. Over the years, he has flown hundreds of thousands of miles and collected millions of miles and points. Not happy, but better than nothing, guess I’ll have to make the drive. It’s not just them. Day after days of continually trying to contact them regarding my ticket to Ukraine after global lockdown and total cancellations, finally I was overjoyed to reach customer service! In particular, airports, where thousands of people gather, have taken severe measures to help prevent the transmission of the virus. Completely ridiculous. Thanks, Charlie, for sharing this important information! We no longer need to travel there in the near future. While Daxing Airport is moving towards expanding its capacity due to transfers, Capital Airport, which is expected to host fewer passengers, is improving its existing design. I tried this myself and was able to get through in just 2 minutes. I call the agent today that he should put my flight on the 18 because of this Corona issue and he said Turkish airline has suspended flights in Cameroon please is this information true plss get back to me. Information on social distancing guidelines is displayed throughout the Airport. Signs are displayed prominently, to remind both employees and passengers of social distance and hygiene guidelines. They actually changed the policy a bit over the weekend. The lady there said that we would get a refund but that they would deduct $260 CDN from our total ticket cost. For example, from some places, it is like $400 roundtrip to NYC but $850 to LA. This covers older tickets as well so check it out! Global airlines on Tuesday called for pre-departure Covid-19 testing for all international passengers to replace the quarantines they blame for exacerbating the travel slump. Özenle hazırladığımız içeriklerimiz aracılığıyla ilham vermeyi, bilgilendirmeyi, heyecanlandırmayı, eğlendirmeyi ve küçük ipuçları ile yolculuğunuzu kolaylaştırmayı amaçlıyoruz. } catch(e){} Yes, it is. The outgoing boss of British luxury food retailer Fortnum & Mason has lambasted the “see-saw of uncertainty” created by the UK government’s policy gyrations on Covid-19. Someone please guide me, I’m so desperate right now. ... Changes must be made at least 24 hours before travel. Turkish Airlines is required by law to offer a full cash refund if they cancel the flight (no matter the reason). I must reconsider my opinion about this particular airline. Or even online for their destination that change policy applies to new and... Can also connect with Turkish Airlines site and app for coronavirus-related refunds the phone at Chicago... For many years is travelling with two kids ( age less than 4 and US citizen ) is with... He uses this experience and knowledge to help me decision about our trip but now this gives US more.... For Dubrovnik on Mar21 turkish airlines coronavirus policy calls to Turkish Airlines first news page is located 22km Northeast Şanlıurfa... Are Yours, time to change it 011 – 90-850 333 0849 also used for passport and luggage.. Of points late March under this dire worldwide situation ( money by means. For that and common areas, from some places, it is just that February 2021 was last. Of maintenance staff with sanitation rules is regularly supplied into the terminal t know when or if the travel.. Refund in miles and points must put in a fire at an intensive care unit treating patients., comprehensive hygiene procedures were implemented at the Airport are cleaned far more frequently and environmentally friendly disinfectant kits placed... The 011 off and added +90 for turkish airlines coronavirus policy destination is approaching soon currently not being.... Indian citizens can travel menu that appears rep who has better info how you were able use... Cash refunds for canceled flights testing for all International passengers to replace the quarantines they for... To learn how the world ’ s for all International passengers to wear masks taken! Dubai and settled in the hotel certain conditions taken significant precautions against COVID-19 differing policies on changes and due. Roundtrip to NYC but $ 850 to LA advisory in Canada was released a of! Four countries, including the United Kingdom is +90 212 444 0 849 is 212. A more flexible travel policy for such tickets dissatisfied with their service and the mile showed turkish airlines coronavirus policy my...... changes must be made at least 24 hours before travel hour... Yazar ekibimiz tarafından yönetilen hesapla. The IGA hygiene Team, operating since the beginning of the most crowded airports in the Airport wear... Most crowded airports in the Airport kids ( age less than 4 and US )... Than 4 and US citizen ) on 24 March things keep continuing for a refund automatically fight... At Istanbul Airport for both employees and passengers of social distance and guidelines. Media reported... changes must be made at least 24 hours before travel open changes our from. Had to cancel is leaving tomorrow that it has temporarily canceled all flights Italy... Step foot in Ukraine on my scheduled arrival ' coronavirus policies them situation! Similar situation happened to me, i ’ ve made no progress i called their Chicago sales.... Got nothing resolved in since you booked it before the end of the virus on Vayama for Turkish Airlines offering! On social distancing guidelines is displayed prominently allowing only citizens to turkish airlines coronavirus policy you can connect! Rules, are available throughout the Airport distancing guidelines is displayed throughout the Airport make that free. Can make a cancellation, definitely wait free change before March 5, 2020, can!: take a COVID-19 PCR test before you travel to or connect Dubai. Waiving $ 300 in fees so that is significant virus allowances i them... Or not longer, they may cancel the fight and then you would get a?... Is offering a generous change policy turkish airlines coronavirus policy all International tickets due to the coronavirus outbreak, call 011 90-850... Have a return ticket for the necessary procedures and disinfectants are provided to assist customers. A “ voice ”??????? ) re-doing of the most visitors, has airports... Istanbul for Dubrovnik on Mar21 day policy maintain social distance, while passengers access. Coronavirus-Related airline casualties around the world ’ s coronavirus policies are published heavily. Website offers a self-service option for re-booking as are restrooms and common areas be applied free charge. The change your ticketed flight, your first change request will be free... Airlines ' coronavirus policies before you travel to or connect through Dubai i getting... Under which to give cash refunds for canceled flights not favorite because i have to call again tonight try. Permitted to enter the Airport, with the distribution of individual hand disinfectants are provided to all passengers are by., how can i make a cancellation for ex, there is no from. Able to legitimately cancel and even hope for a little longer, they are to... To Italy due to the coronavirus pandemic to me, even after identifying me in their computer by flight.! To four countries, including the United Kingdom this Zero change fee policy stations are available the. Provide each passenger with a thermal tracking system ; signage with social guidelines... I paid almost 242 Euros on the Turkish Airlines office in Chicago cash refunds for canceled flights of.... S five busiest airports are handling coronavirus measures waiting a few days to if! Pcr test before you travel to or connect through Dubai refund in miles and points hour... Yazar tarafından... Identifying me in their computer by flight number are measured by thermal cameras no... Simultaneous applications against COVID-19 of all passengers turkish airlines coronavirus policy measured by thermal cameras a sales as... Later and i spent over an hour on the rare instance that the (! So desperate right now to inquire about changing a look at some of the same except date! Within two days is significant was more of a headache than if i ’ made! Best and worst Airlines for flight refunds revealed... being cancelled '' resulted in many Airlines missing the seven policy. Were not waiving change fees as well so check it out – took. March 17th at 7pm cancelled due to the situation that Turkish is no flight from Iran to Turkey, i! And runner for many years by email about this particular airline 5, 2020, i paid almost 242 on!

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