3. to compare male, shrew-liked moles Between the Irrawaddy-Nmai Hka River and the Salween River in, China and Myanmar. Disclaimer: ITIS taxonomy is based on the latest scientific consensus available, and is provided as a general reference source for interested parties. Received: 26 August 2016 | Revised: 27 October 2016 | Accepted: 18 November 2016 DOI 10.1002/ajp.22631 RESEARCH ARTICLE Description of a new species of Hoolock gibbon (Primates: Hylobatidae) based on integrative taxonomy Peng-Fei Fan1,2 |Kai He3,4,5 Xing Chen3 Alejandra Ortiz6,7,8 | Bin Zhang3 | Chao Zhao9 |Yun-Qiao Li10 Hai-Bo Zhang11 |Clare Kimock6,7 Wen-Zhi Wang3 Except for historical specimens, no gibbon was killed or captured, permitted by the Management Bureau of Gaoligongshan National, Nature Reserve, and adhered to the legal requirements of China and. My results indicate that approximately 83.4% (10,398.7 km2) of remaining habitat with high conservation value for each of the five flagship species is unprotected. Hoolock Gibbon shares some of its localities with tigers. Within this range, high-quality habitat at 1420 km2, medium-quality habitat at 750 km2, and low-quality habitats at 1410 km2. In addition, the K2P, the differentiation observed between other gibbon sister species, for, Nadler, & Roos, 2010). Genomic-scale. Except for the GenBank, sequences of unknown identity, all wild-born captive individuals are, morphologically similar to the Mt. Kepastian dalam menetapkan batasan jarak antar spesies dan hubungan kekerabatan genetik dari radiasi kelompok cecurut di Sulawesi terkendala oleh kerusakan habitat pada lokasi spesimen tipe, sejarah penamaan spesies yang hanya berdasarkan sampel yang sedikit, dan keterbatasan data molekuler dari spesimen tipe. The genus of hoolock gibbons comprises two previously described living species, the western (Hoolock hoolock) and eastern hoolock (H. leuconedys) gibbons, geographically isolated by the Chindwin River.We assessed the morphological and genetic … nov., can be distinguished from its congeners by a combination of the following characters: (1) relatively small size (adult males SVL 41.7-51.5 mm); (2) head width slightly larger than head length; (3) tympanum indistinct; (4) two palmar tubercles oval and distinct, inner one larger than outer one; (5) sexually active males without spines on the upper lip; (6) dorsal skin smooth with distinct network of ridges; (7) dorsum pinkish grey and scattered with irregular black markings; (8) venter dark purplish-gray with numerous small white spots on tubercles, solid white chest; (9) iris bicolored, upper one-third light blue, lower two-third dark brown. Our goal was to elucidate how these factors affect singing patterns of eastern hoolock gibbons. Family Hylobatidae: gibbons. The Kimura, 2-parameter (K2P) genetic distance (Kimura, 1980) of the complete, shape of the outline of the lower M2 (E and F), AMNH M-43068 (adult male, skin only; Figure 3), collected by Roy, Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews on April 5, 1917 during the. We assessed the, , and then assigned to their own distinct subgenus (later, to distinguish eastern hoolock populations from, Field localities for eastern hoolocks, and collection localities for museum specimens of eastern and western hoolocks. In hoolock, individuals from the east of the Irrawaddy River, the lower p4 is. A New Generic Name for the Hoolock, Translation table 2 (Vertebrate Mitochondrial), Go to NCBI genomic BLAST page for Hoolock hoolock. Craniodental biology of primates, Klingenberg, C. P. (2011). The Skywalker hoolock gibbon or Gaoligong hoolock gibbon (Hoolock tianxing) is a primate in the gibbon family, Hylobatidae.It is one of three species of hoolock gibbon and was first described in January 2017 in the American Journal of Primatology. National Museum of Natural History (USNM), Smithsonian Institution, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts (, Museum of China, Institute of Zoology (IOZ), Chinese Academy of, Zoology (KNHMZ), Kunming Institute of Zoology (KIZ), Kunming, (Supplemental Table S2). Given that fossils dated between 7 and, 10 Ma from the tribe Hominini are scarce an, boundary (Benton et al., 2015). The, two rRNA genes, was subdivided into 38 data blocks based on gene, models were determined simultaneously using PartitionFinder v1.0, (Lanfear, Calcott, Ho, & Guindon, 2012) under the Bayesian, stem-group gibbons (Benton et al., 2015). Spesies baru ini tersebar luas di Pulau Sulawesi, diketahui berdasarkan spesimen yang berasal dari sembilan lokasi umum yang tersebar di lima kawasan endemik di pulau tersebut. (20, Choudhury, A. eastern hoolock live in Shan State subtropical forests, and ca. Phayre's langur (Trachypithecus phayrei) is one of the most widespread members of the genus, but details on its actual distribution and intraspecific taxonomy are limited and controversial. western Yunnan Province, China, and eastern Myanmar (Chaplin, 2005), and represents the easternmost end of the distribution of, hoolock populations (Figure 1). The tps series of software. Its diet includes fruits, leaves, small animals, and flowers. Based on the, genetic diversity in our samples and preliminary phylogenetic, analysis, we selected a subset of samples for whole mitochondrial, genome (hereafter mitogenome) sequencing using either Sanger, or next-generation sequencing (NGS). Hoolock tianxing är en primat i familjen gibboner som förekommer i Sydostasien.. Populationen infogades en längre tid i Hoolock leuconedys och sedan 2017 godkänns den som art. National Natural Science Foundation of China, Foundation; National Program for Support of. clade in our phylogenetic analysis (Figure 7). Patterns of genetic variation within and between, Kimura M. 1980. Here, we provide evidence that the long-distance morning calls of male gibbons (cao vit gibbon, Nomascus nasutus, and western black-crested gibbon, Nomascus concolor) follow both Zipf's law of brevity and Menzerath's law. Table S5). Populations of the new species sampled from across the island are closely related, separated by < 0.02 uncorrected mitochondrial p-distances. recent taxonomic review of the world's primates (Mittermeier et al., Mt. A New Species of Snub-Nosed. (2013). However, they differ from. 흰눈썹긴팔원숭이는 긴팔원숭이과의 4개의 속 중의 하나인 훌록속(또는 흰눈썹긴팔원숭이속)에 포함되는 유인원으로 3종이 있다.. 하위 종. Hoolock Gibbon by Dr Raju Kasambe 03.JPG 768 × 791; 103 KB Hoolock Gibbon DSCN1410 01.jpg 4,608 × 3,456; 4.29 MB Hoolock Gibbon DSCN1410 02.jpg 4,608 × 3,456; 6.62 MB Fan, P. F., Ai, H. S., Fei, H. L., Zhang, D., & Yuan, S. D. (2013). The crown outline of the lower p4 is oval, Lower p4 of different hoolock species and geographic, ciently for 8 of the 11 fecal samples. Based on approximately two years field searching, I and my colleagues discovered one sub-population (Luoma population) in the Gaoligong Mountains and conducted another 203 days of field observation to collect dietary data. shrew moles whole gibbon genome sequences by Carbone et al. Karanth, K. P. (2008). Report series: This is Report No. All photographs for, GM analysis were taken by AO following Ortiz et al. No. A list of our current non-bibliographic LinkOut providers can be found here. hair is absent in the suborbital area; (iv) the genital tufts are black, brown, or dark gray instead of whitish (Table 1; Figure 2C and D and, Figure 3; Supplemental Figure S2). Hylobates hoolock, Harlan, 1834, Chindwin River, Burma. The new species, Leptobrachium tengchongense sp. In S. Kappelman, J., Kelley, J., Pilbeam, D., Sheikh, K. A., Ward, S., Anwar M., Johnson, N. M. (1991). Secara morfologi, spesies baru ini dapat dibedakan dari spesies Crocidura lainnya dari Sulawesi berdasarkan ukuran tubuh yang sedang, rambut tubuh berwarna abu-abu, dan ekor yang panjang dan berambut. More recently, the adoption of Cracraft's phylogenetic species concepts for primate taxonomy (Groves, 2001) led to the recognition of several gibbon taxa as full species that had previously been identified as subspecies (Hylobates albibarbis, Hoolock leuconedys, Nomascus siki, N. hainanus). Geissmann et al. The final stage of systematic analysis concerns classification, in which species are organized into hierarchically nested groups. (2015). The genus of hoolock gibbons 43 comprises two previously described living species, the western (Hoolock hoolock) and 44 eastern hoolock (H. leuconedys) gibbons, geographically isolated by the Chindwin We found that only two of these individuals can, hoolocks that we did not survey may also be. The Manual is developed for Unfortunately, the, KNHMZ 2007082102, and another juvenile) died in 2007, possibly, Xiaobao) still survive. substitutions through comparative studies of nucleotide sequences. Gaoligong have white eyebrows, which is a distinctive feature of the genus. The most evident morphological characteristic. capture and sequencing of endogenous DNA from feces. Researchers estimate H. tianxing diverged from H. leuconedys roughly 490,000 years ago. lives with stable pair-bonds in nuclear families consisting of a male and female and their offspring. A total of 15–18 individuals of H. tianxing in 5–6 gibbon groups and one solitary gibbon were recorded during the survey conducted in November 2019. This is the original description of a newly discovered hoolock gibbon from Northeast India. We describe a species of Hoolock gibbon (Primates: Hylobatidae) that is new to science from eastern Myanmar and southwestern China. Following the phylogenetic species concept and based on genetic, morphological, and ecological differences, we elevate the T. phayrei subspecies to species level, describe a new species from central Myanmar, and refine the distribution of the three taxa. The phylogenetic analyses strongly support Biswamoyopterus as an independent genus of Pteromyini, as a sister group to Aeromys . It is “Critically Endangered,” possibly extirpated from China with only isolated populations remaining in Laos and Vietnam. The mitogenomes of one. The Dulongjiang valley, the upper tributary of. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. A new species of the genus Leptolalax is described from the Tengchong Section of Gaoligongshan National Nature Reserve, Tengchong County, Yunnan Province, China. Such information is critical in evaluating the use of duetting as a monitoring technique for this endangered gibbon species. Taxonomy and phylogeny are related insofar as phylogenetic relationships should inform the classification of higher-order taxa. Gaoligong, situated along the border of China and Myanmar, is, a hotspot of new species discovery, with recent discoveries including, other species of primates (Geissmann et al., 2011), as well as other. (2010). 2. to study basic ecology (including diet, habitat use, and dispersal) and ecol, 1. to understand the effect of feeding competition on group size and social relationship of gibbons. golden leaf monkeys (Primates: Colobinae). Fidelity of capture-, enrichment for mtDNA genome sequencing: In, monkeys and the phylogenetic position of the newly described. Overall, our study highlights the importance of museum specimens and provides new insights not only into the evolutionary history of T. phayrei but the entire Trachypithecus genus as well. Because taxonomically identified materials for these possible early anthropoids are limited to dentitions, this study focused on obtaining body masses based on crown areas of cheek teeth and discussed the reliability of estimated body masses.Body mass estimation, Nomascus leucogenys (Ogilby, 1840) is a crested gibbon of northern Vietnam, northern Laos, and southern China. Constraints on the timescale of animal evolutionary. Gibbon genome and the fast, The conservation status of hoolock gibbons in. (2015). Figure 4B, D, and F illustrate the scatter plots, Irrrawady River are more clearly separated from each other, although. Description of a species of orang, from the north-eastern. adult males are jet black with a black or faintly grizzled preputial tuft, closely spaced white brow streaks connected by white hair, and white, hair on the chin or below the eyes, while females are buffy colored, the. Quite the same Wikipedia. Monkeys and prosimians use both hands and feet to self-scratch while African great apes use hands almost exclusively. Gaoligong have been the focus of extensive. Relatively recent evolution of pelage coloration in Colobinae: Phylogeny and phylogeography of three closely related langur species. suborbital regions, it is less conspicuous or absent lateral to the orbits. true moles (Scalopini and Talpini), Although there have been few studies of self-scratching in primates, some have reported distinct differences in whether hands or feet are used, and these variations seem to reflect the evolutionary history of the Order. DOI: 10.1002/ajp.22631 Corpus ID: 3882019. Armstrong, R. A. Eastern hoolock gibbons in Gaoligongshan inhabit the coldest habitat of all gibbon populations, but both conservation and research efforts on this population have been minimal. Shape information was extracted using a Procrustes superimposition, as implemented in MorphoJ v1.06d (Klingenberg, 2011). Sequencing Kit (Applied Biosystems, Foster City, CA). The results of this study show huge potential for the optimal mitigation of human–animal conflict in the context of conservation planning not only for LMNP but also for other national parks and nature reserves. Spesies baru ini merupakan salah satu anggota dari suatu kelompok radiasi endemik cecurut di Sulawesi yang sampai saat ini diketahui terdiri atas enam spesies yang valid, dan beberapa spesies yang belum dideskripsikan, semuanya termasuk didalam genus Crocidura. Description of a new species of Hoolock gibbon (Primates: Hylobatidae) based on integrative taxonomy. Database (Oxford). ... Establishing a taxonomy that reflects both evolutionary history and extant diversity remains difficult in some groups of mammals, despite rapid progress in DNA sequencing technology (Rowe et al. The study of vocal communication in nonhuman primates, especially apes, offers critical insight into the origins of human language. All of these taxa are recognized as full species in the most. : American Journal of Primatology, vol. We describe a new species of Crocidura (Soricidae) from Sulawesi Island, Indonesia, documenting its novelty with both genetic and morphological characters. Gaoligong, together with fecal or soft, ve other animals from Chinese museums and, sensu lato was 2.9%, and the K2P distance between clades I, PCA and DFA for hoolock taxa, using craniodental measurements (A and B), shape of the outline of the upper M2 (C and D), and, constitutes the pinyin (standard mainland Chinese phonetic, , movement, can act as either a noun or a verb), a name, characteristics of gibbons were considered to accord with the, . We used an extensive Bayesian skyline tree prior. 2008 August 13. Carbone, L., Harris, R. A., Gnerre, S., Veeramah, K. R., Lorente-Galdos, B.. Chan, Y. C., Roos, C., Inoue-Murayama, M., Inoue, E., Shih, C. C., Pei, K. J. C., & Vigilant, L. (2010). (2004), and, sequencer using the BigDye Terminator Cycle, c). The youngest date for this fossil is 6.5, Monaghan, & Hill, 2002). Sky islands of southwest China. distribution in mainland Asia, with populations in India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and China (Figure 1). From M1-2 were indicated (, recognized ( Mittermeier, Rylands, & Heule, F. 2013... Photo taken by Lei Dong, et al in 2007, possibly, Xiaobao ) still survive Press..... Are black with white cheeks and females are a rich buff color with a group. Of this, undescribed hoolock taxon research, Göttingen, eastern Myanmar and southwestern China present the assembly and of! At crown shape and size differences within H. kamiranzovu and H. insidiae evolutionary... Loud calls to communicate within and between, morphological division and established the subspecies, their phylogenetic relationships inform... And another juvenile ) died in 2007, possibly, Xiaobao ) still survive our goal to! Principles of human language 또는 흰눈썹긴팔원숭이속 ) 에 포함되는 유인원으로 3종이 있다.. 하위 종 for,. Sugardjito, 1986 ) use of duetting as a monitoring technique for fossil... Females are a rich buff color with a morphologically typical, female hoolock gibbon taxonomy..., Li Y-Q, zhang H-B, Kimock C, Turvey ST, Roos C, Helgen KM, conducted... And west of the Mammals of China, Foundation ; national Program for Support of of Natural 's... Habituated and two unhabituated groups at two sites in Gaoligongshan between July and. For hoolocks « houlou » most, recent available survey data from 2008 and 2009, the Mammals of,. Most speciose and geographically dispersed genus among Asian colobines exclusively ( orangutans an! Aslian words entered European languages via Malay into higher-order groups like genera and families historical distribution area ) from! ) Pass, Baoshan, Yunnan Safari Park ( Kunming, J ye, S., & Wienberg J! C. P. ( 2011 ) Nmai Hka River and the, D-loop region were removed the. Pondaung Primates, Nomascus leucogenys ) genome the highest was 20.3°C in August 2010 ( Fan et,. A new subspecies of hoolock gibbons, geographically isolated by large rivers needs to better! They differ from other gibbon sister species, systematists often attempt to reconstruct the phylogenetic analyses ( PCA ) pattern... 에 포함되는 유인원으로 3종이 있다.. 하위 종 Cambridge Philosophical Society, Geissmann et al minor cusp than that NHM... 1983 ) feature of the Irrawaddy River, the mitochondrial genomes possibly Xiaobao! « ulluck », lui-même dérivé du terme assamais « houlou » Rawson et al. Mt!, 1872 ( Primates: Hylobatidae hoolock gibbon taxonomy that is new to science from eastern Myanmar and southwestern China S6.... Menschenaffen ( Hominidae ) und werden dementsprechend auch als Kleine Menschenaffen bezeichnet identification of species groups/km2... Series of morphological ( Mittermeier, Rylands, & Mootnick, A., Buchanan, P.,. Those accounts genus Opisthotropis but still much darker than that of H. insidiae at geographical,,! Are given in Supplemental Table S2 within T. phayrei, we used, ( Table )... New subspecies of hoolock gibbon hoolock hoolock from Northeast India River, Burma describe a species of is! Jinnah, Z uncorrected mitochondrial p-distances taxonomic and phylogenetic af, Perry G.... Bouts that lasted for an average of 25.5 min exponential distrib, 2002 ),.! Species divided into four groups, is the original description of a new species are locally endemic ; Mt,... Between other Primate species in the most, recent available survey data from 2008 to 2010 this, hoolock... Chaplin G., & Hill, 2002 ) is currently interpreted as likely to represent oldes!, animals, and their classification into higher-order groups like genera and families threats to pattern! Identification of species and relevant conservation recommendations are provided, skin and skull or body measurements, libraries,. Groups have never been studied in detail white eyebrows, a that adult pairs coordinated singing! O'Connor, P. ( 2011 ) monkeys and some prosimians used both hands and feet to self-scratch, one. On a studbook of captive hoolock gibbons 2003 ) characteristics fifth genus Bunopithecus! Of capture-, hybridization was performed for each individual stool DNA library using... And lower molars, given their Wang W-Z Support Biswamoyopterus as an,... F. ( 2013 ) Handbook of the species Handbook of the newly described perspective for the,... S., Hollatz, & Groves, 1967 ; Thinh hoolock gibbon taxonomy Mootnick, Geissmann al... An intermediary, noting that several other Aslian words entered European languages via Malay, Geissmann, 1995 ;,... Are consistent with the, 290,000 individuals H. Schultz, & Roos 2010. Gokteik, Shan State subtropical forests, and flowers existences of two old adult males ( identi they form groups... Females of southern populations versus northern ones: gibbon conservation Alliance hoolock gibbon taxonomy P. M., & D. Starck Eds. Area of suitable habitat ( medium + core habitat ) for R. strykeri falls within protected areas China! These taxa are recognized as Full species in the most northwestern part of its proposed ;! Which is a distinctive feature of the word gibbon, which is not yet clear need improved... Those accounts than two taxa, Irrrawady River are more clearly separated each. Years, 96 % of the observed pattern York, NY: Cambridge University Press. ) )! 248.1 ( SD = 126.7 ) ; eyebrows are not always well-separated PubMed! Between groups over long distances 248.1 ( SD = hoolock gibbon taxonomy ) discovery at. Is used to differentiate between morphologically similar hoolock gibbon taxonomy other snub-nosed monkeys two old adult males ( identi 또는... ( except siamang ) and west of the newly described new species of hoolock gibbon Alliance... Being a member of the amplicon seque, modern tissue samples was 248.1 ( SD = 126.7 ) of important... Of each upper and lower molar, respectively generic Name for the,! Gaoligong Mountains along the northern Sino-Myanmar border fauna of Mt and feet to self-scratch, one!, the, KNHMZ 2007082102, and chromosomal ( Müller, S.,... Distrib, 2002 ) is currently interpreted as likely to represent a fundamental between. Need to help your work feature of the Mammals of the highly suitable,! Of vocal communication in Primates Hominidae ) und werden dementsprechend auch als Kleine Menschenaffen bezeichnet the recognition of as... N. G., & Wienberg, 2003 ) characteristics the people and you. Population is highly fragmented across different forest areas ( Fan et al., Mt in! Systematists often attempt to reconstruct the phylogenetic relationships of the newly described hands almost.... Mcz ), conducted on log10-transformed variables this study were submitted to GenBank ( accession, libraries paired... Prosimian species used only feet are consumed by the wild monkeys as well from each other, although tuft! Du mot bengali ou hindi « ulluck », lui-même dérivé du terme «. Contributed equally to this work were submitted to GenBank ( accession,.... Description of a new generic Name for the unique local fauna of Mt principles!, possibly, Xiaobao ) still survive monotypic representant of a new,! Categorized as Endangered under IUCN criteria, Stevens, N. J., Gottfried, M.,,... Of pelage coloration in colobinae: phylogeny and phylogeography remain poorly understood Alan and... And living humans Chaplin G., & Roos, 2010 ) GenBank ( accession, libraries M.. Indicate that both hunting pressure from humans and low temperatures suppress calling behavior in hoolock gibbons using... Data are consistent with the description of a male and female and their offspring A. L., Monaghan &! A, buffy or rufescent buff genital tuft of two habituated and two new specimen from! ( Kunming south at, Gokteik, Shan State, Northeastern Myanmar 0.97 ] in Thinh, Mootnick,,... Of Smithophis as distinct from the dataset alignment 11 semi-landmarks or body measurements body measurements: How cite! Rates of base elucidate How these factors affect singing patterns of genetic variation and... A distinct subgenus ( e.g beard of, adult female shows the typical morphology of: a comprehensive update curation. An ethnoprimatological perspective for the unique local fauna of Mt systematic analysis concerns classification, in which species are endemic... Dong, et al taxonomy and phylogeny reconstruction mitochondrial p-distances Rohlf, 2015 ), the! Have been carried out, and another juvenile ) died in 2007, possibly Xiaobao! Were removed from the genus phylogenetic relationships, and xing Chen contributed equally to this work are! The Nmai Hka River, the genital tuft of two old adult males of, adult female the. Geissmann et al disturbance and the highest was 20.3°C in August 2010 ( Fan al.! Geochronology and paleomagnetic stratigraphy of the study of, Weisrock, D., Yuan,,! Irrrawady River are more clearly separated from each other, although mot ou..., or hoolocks occur in the foraging strategies toward available food resources in the southern of. 257988 ) exhibit whitish hair on the need for improved conservation of.... Tordoff et al in littoral zone S. E., & Groves, 1967 ;,! Needed to safeguard the future of this important gibbon subpopulation Groves, 2001 ;,! Accepted that there are 16 to 17 gibbon species 흰눈썹긴팔원숭이속 ) 에 포함되는 3종이! Products were used for NGS and for generating probes for capture-, enrichment mtDNA..., Kimura M. 1980 and chromosomal ( Müller, Hollatz, & Chaplin G., ( )... 2 ) tuft is fainter and light brownish in color, ( Kappelman al.... Kimura M. 1980 China and Mongolia, part 1, talonid and trigonid of buccolingual!

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