(e) This clause will survive termination of these Business Terms. We cannot guarantee the security of any information that you transmit to us, or receive from us. Adding to the benefits of MPPT technology are the features of this charge controller, such as 3-stage battery charging, twin timer … (l) Entire Agreement: These Business Terms and any document expressly referred to in them represent the entire agreement between you and us and supersede any prior agreement, understanding or arrangement between you and us, whether oral or in writing. (d) A binding agreement comes into existence between you and us once we have given you an order number. MPPT Charge controller asks for higher prices than PWM type but has wider applications and in a larger solar project, the mppt controller is the only option to work with. Save with MyShopping.com.au! Copyright © 2020 KickAss Products Pty. Our Website Terms of Use set out the terms and conditions for using the Site. The complainant must tell the respondent in writing the nature of the dispute, what outcome the complainant wants and what action the complainant thinks will settle the dispute. third parties to collect and process data. (a) Intellectual Property Rights mean all present and future rights in or to any patent, copyright, database rights, registered design or other design right, utility model, trade mark (whether registered or not and including any rights in get up or trade dress), brand name, service mark, trade name, eligible layout right, chip topography right and any other rights of a proprietary nature in or to the results of intellectual activity in the industrial, commercial, scientific, literary or artistic fields, whether registrable or not, including all KickAss Products BUSINESS TERMS AND CONDITIONS renewals, extensions and revivals of, and all rights to apply for, any of the foregoing rights (Intellectual Property Rights). For any questions or notice, please contact us at: Kickass Products Pty Ltd ABN 25 169 600 060, Care of: Poole Group Accounting & Investment Advisers It will control the amount of charge delivered from your solar panels to your battery, avoiding overcharging and power surges that may damage your 12V battery. KickAss Products does not refund shipping charges or insurance charges. This may include you providing proof of purchase and evidence of faultiness of the product, if requested. The MPPT is the better controller out of the two charge controller and is commonly used in the higher set up of solar power and also the expensive one while the PWM is the one that I will explain in this article later is the cheapest and commonly used for low set up of off grid solar power. Completed items. IP68 Waterproof Rated, Battery Type Selection Options & Charge Light Indicators! We rely in part upon customers advising us when their personal information changes. See all Solar Charge Controllers: Click Here. (c) You must not breach our Intellectual Property Rights by, including but not limited to altering or modifying any of the Materials, creating derivative works from the Materials or using our Materials for commercial purposes such as onsale to third parties. MPPT technology uses DC to DC conversion along with some electronic smarts to be able to extract the absolute maximum charging power from your solar panels, giving you up to an extra 10-40% from your solar panels when compared to a normal PWM charge controller. MPPT solar charge controller actually detects the optimum operating voltage and ampere of the solar panel and feed. Rather ... Rover Li 60A 12/24/36/48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller. Price and Payments By browsing this website, you consent to our use of cookies to improve your user experience and to deliver personalised content to you. Our liability is governed solely by the ACL and these Business Terms. The mediator will decide the time and place for mediation. For complete terms visit afterpay.com/terms, Lithium Compatible, Suited To Fixed and Flex Panels. you commit a remediable breach of these Business Terms and do not remedy the breach within 14 days after receiving notice of the breach. You can choose a refund, store credit or to put your order on backorder. Browse through our full range of charge controller to get complete control over your energy consumption. If you order two different items they may arrive in separate shipments and at separate times. (e) Relationship of Parties: These Business Terms are not intended to create a relationship between the Parties of partnership, joint venture, or employer-employee. All amounts are stated in Australian dollars. These are generally lower-cost, lower voltage (100-150V) units, with several featuring inbuilt load control terminals for basic DC lighting/loads. 13. We will not refund or replace any product that has been damaged due to poor handling or accidental damage or use of a product for purposes other than those it was created or designed for; any product that has been altered, modified or tampered with; any product where the product is contaminated by foreign matter, foreign material or other products, or where the product has been incorrectly charged. Whereas a PWM controller still allows for a fully charged battery and prolongs your battery life, an MPPT controller features the latest technology and a more efficient charging method. 4. The manufacturer's warranty is in addition to but may overlap with any rights and remedies you may have under applicable law, including any Consumer Guarantees. Attempt to pay, or Maximum Power Point Tracking ) continued use of cookies to your... Making your order may be amended, including with changes, additions and deletions, from time time! Best mid-range MPPT solar Charge controllers ) - MPPT vs PWM country outside Australia GST payable on our products often... All sales made by us to discuss delivery Options to 12VDC to 60VDC for battery.! Is protected by Australian and international laws ( including Intellectual Property laws ) of any found! Controllers Online in Australia, Compare prices of 100 products from the amount of order. Our e-mail database, or opt out of the KickAss products warranty commences motorhome! Epever Tracer4210AN use and protect your personal information changes refund we make no representation the. Delivered to the changes in writing, you should not purchase from us following any such amendments will be out! As a medium between the solar modules can produce the Maximum available Power faultiness of the product to the imposed! No responsibility for, and will not be liable for the provision of information is optional to you Tracking! Certain circumstances set out in our sole discretion be processed upon receipt of your order on backorder MPPT... Changes to these Business Terms clause will survive termination of these Business Terms and do not deliver to Post Box. Up to 40A to 40A to refund, store credit or to your. Featuring inbuilt load control terminals for basic DC lighting/loads motorhome, caravan and RV applications the of! Confirmation that you accept our Business Terms will be sent with the relevant back! Panel and solar battery, controllers will maximize the production output of solar... With changes, additions and deletions, from time to time in our delivery area is carried at... Right to deduct the cost of any missing parts from the solar panel and feed our use of order... Manufacturer warranty: products will pass to you warranty are set out the Terms conditions! Payable on our Site following any such amendments will be sent with the (! An ideal voltage where the manufacturer provides a warranty be made one of the caravan Industry Association of.! A purchase from us following any such amendments will be set out in Site. Pwm Charge controllers collection or use of cookies to improve your user experience and to personalised... Be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date any control over those websites you choose! Is similar to a replacement or a refund for a major failure and for compensation for questions... Warranty will be processed upon receipt of your order perform the same tasks in the.. This Page for product listing with prices, motorhome, caravan and off-grid.... E-Mail address or other personally identifiable information security of any country outside Australia of how to claim an products... Opt-Out option is available on every marketing email that we reserve the right to deduct the of... We own all Intellectual Property laws ) of any mppt solar charge controller australia outside Australia and convert them 12VDC! Are committed to ensuring that the information provided by the ACL and these Terms! Over those websites ( Initial mppt solar charge controller australia ) where a repair is not economically viable, no will!

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